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Travel Bookings with Gravity Forms

travel booking

We recently worked on a project that required some sophisticated Gravity Forms customization to flesh out a travel booking form. The travel industry has some of the most specific sets of booking requirements around as you’re combining flights with hotel stays, tours, bus schedules, boat departures, and more.

Travel Booking Complexity

There can be a high degree of complexity with the traveler as well. For example, a group of travelers where one individual wants a private room can work against the logic that tries to provide the minimum amount of rooms for a booking. A standard shopping cart solution would not fit the bill.

There were some definite positives to using Gravity Forms as part of our approach. First, keeping everything based on a form keeps the store architecture very lean. The site is very performant and doesn’t have any unnecessary overhead, like shipping components or tax engines. Next, the client is working with a tool that they’ve already been using in other aspects of their business. Also, the stripe integration with Gravity Forms is a polished piece of code so the purchasing component was solid. Finally, support for Gravity Forms is readily available so when our client has questions they can go straight to the source.

Smoother Sailing (or Flying)

The client is now able to focus on providing better customer service for their customers as they can now view all of the booking information on their own time without feeling rushed. They can make decisions in the comfort of their own home. Also, this tool helps shorten their sales cycle and increase sales overall because their purchase system is available 24/7. This methodology won’t work for every industry but in the case of travel bookings, Gravity Forms was a great solution. If you have a particularly complex customization, we’d love talk through your project.

Written by the Team at Pixel Jar

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