AdSanity – Simplified Ad Management For WordPress

Aside from our client work, Pixel Jar also developed a WordPress ad manager plugin called AdSanity. We sell and support this premium plugin on a website dedicated to it. The idea for AdSanity came directly out of a need that we recognized in some client work we were doing back in 2009. We’ve been
refining the plugin ever since.

WordPress Ad Manager and More

In addition to the core plugin, which allows you to easily add both self-hosted ads and ads from external ad networks, we’ve created several Add-Ons for the plugin.

One of the goals for AdSanity was to create a lightweight plugin for managing your ads in WordPress. Keeping the plugin from becoming bloated was really important, but we knew that not all websites had the same set of requirements for their advertising. To offer an extra set of functionality, we purposely built AdSanity to be extensible.

Our Add-Ons have handled various tasks from detecting ad-blocking software, to tying tracking to Google Analytics. This way users can choose the pieces that they need to build the ideal advertising platform for their site.

Falling into Products

We didn’t initially set out to be a products company. Our methodology is to always approach what we do from a needs-based perspective. We saw a need for the tool and we built a solution that achieved the goal. It’s a happy circumstance that has turned it into an additional part of the business.

It’s also taught us a lot of useful lessons for our own clients. We've gained a first-hand perspective to running an ecommerce website and business. We’ve also learned a lot about what creating a support site looks like for a user. Most importantly, since we offer plugin development services, developing plugins keeps us sharp for our client projects.

Future Products

Since we’ve been maintaining AdSanity for several years now, we’re more comfortable with the time commitment to make it successful. We have a few ideas beyond our WordPress ad manager that we think would make great tools. We’ll update the blog as new developments become noteworthy.