AdSanity – Simplified Ad Management For WordPress

Although we are WordPress developers, when a problem comes up – we don’t shy away from it. AdSanity is our solution to a real client problem. Here’s what it does.

Regain Sanity in Managing Your Ads

AdSanity is a premium Pixel Jar-developed plugin to help you manage your ads, whether self-hosted or from external ad networks.

Lightweight And Bloat-Free

Enjoy a lightweight, bloat-free plugin for managing your ads in WordPress.

Detects Ad-Block Software

No need to wonder why your ads aren’t converting with our ad-block detection functionality.

Google Analytics Tracking

Gauge the success of your ads with our Google Analytics feature and rerun the ones that work.

Expertly Maintained

Our Pixel Jar developers take great care to ensure the plugin is well maintained and resistant to malicious actors.

Want to find out more?

Got A Problem A Plugin Could Fix?

We didn’t set out to be plugin developers. But when serving our clients, we occasionally find a problem that doesn’t have a solution we’re happy with. When the need arises, a product follows – and this organic approach leads to better plugins. 

If you have a problem you think a plugin could fix, let us know! We offer a plugin development service to help you find a solution or increase the extensibility of current ones.