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Information is gold. If you know that something isn’t right but you don’t know what, it’s time to take a look under the hood and find out exactly what’s going on.

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We review the user experience, check the SEO health, test accessibility, and measure performance.

What you’ll receive in return is a video report of what we find. We’ll also give you our recommendations to address any of the issues we find.

You can take that fix-it list to your developer. Or if you’d like to meet with us to discuss the results in detail, we’d be stoked.

Your site health is important for security and performance. How long can you afford to have your site down when something goes wrong? Get prepared now.

Do I Need a Site Review?

As a rule of thumb, if you think you need a review, you probably do. In many situations, we recommend them as a first port of call before delving into a project on an existing website. After all, we need to know what we’re working with. 

We recommend a site review to people who: 

  • Want to understand their website’s current state, whether they plan on partnering with us or not. 
  • Is collaborating with us on a new project for their existing website. 
  • Are interested in gaining insights into a certain area of their website.

Types of Reviews

We do have a one-off, catch-all site review service that delves into every particular area that influences your website’s health. But that’s not always the right approach for everyone. So, we also offer specific reviews that focus on the area of your platform that you’re most concerned about. 

Here’s what we offer.

General Site Review

Understand the inner workings of your entire website. This holistic review takes a systematic look at every aspect of your WordPress platform to assess its speed, security, and usability. We’ll provide actionable recommendations to fix any problems we find, while also suggesting points for improvement. 

Code Review

Unsure about the quality of the code on your website? Generally, these reviews are focused on specific plugins or themes, but we can apply them wherever there’s code that needs a review. We look to see if all best practices for coding have been followed and identify any potential security vulnerabilities, as well as consistency and documentation to ensure next steps can be carried out in full confidence.

Custom Site Reviews

If you have a problem, we’ll check it out. We provide custom reviews that are tailored to specific situations, whether it involves looking at the database, SEO, or even a form. Wherever there’s an issue, we’re more than happy to check it out and provide insights.

What Will My Review Look Like?

We provide detailed, easy-to-understand reports to ensure you get the most out of your review. Usually, this will be a PDF file that contains our recommendations to fix problems, improve existing features, or to perform additional investigations. 

With this document, you can move forward in the way you feel most comfortable – whether that’s with us or another service provider. 

For larger projects, the review often serves as the discovery phase, providing a starting point for the development journey to come. 

Pixel Jar has been a critical partner and a huge help to me as I’ve sought to expand the functionality of my site, address technical issues, and keep abreast of changes in the platform.

Paul Roberts

Publisher, The Security Ledger

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