Pixel Jar offers a wide range of custom web development services to help you provide a great online experience for your users. We can take you from ideation through development and into optimization. Building a website is often the start of a bigger journey including social media services, digital marketing, and staged growth. We will be your co-pilot on this trip. Let’s take a closer look at our available services.

Web Development

This is our flagship service. If you need a development partner to design, redesign, customize, or add new features to your website, then look no further. With our robust web development services you’ll have the site your business needs to convert visitors to customers.

WordPress Theme Development

A great strength of WordPress is the ability to change the theme of an existing site. We can create a completely custom theme to make you stand out from your competition, customize an existing theme, or make some adjustments to your current theme using without losing any of your content.

WordPress Plugin Development

We’re a WordPress-specific development firm and one of the greatest strengths of WordPress is the modular extensibility through plugins. Whether it’s developing a plugin idea that you came up with from scratch or modifying an existing plugin to meet a specific need, we’ve got you covered. Plugin development is a great way to add that extra feature to your site.

Web Consulting

Sometimes you need somebody to talk to. With years of experience writing code, we’re also a great resource for reviewing or discussing  code. When you need help architecting your next million-dollar idea you can call on us. We can also perform a code review of your newly written plugin or audit your website. In fact our annual check ups may provide the site review you need to take it to the next level.

Website Support

While this may seem like a catch-all service, some of the most useful services fall under website support. Some of these services like web design and content writing will be put into action by our closest partners. Others are services that we provide on a case-by-case basis. These include:

  • Content strategy - You know you need content on your website, but you’re not sure how much or what it needs to do. Content strategy is an often overlooked part of the process that not only helps you to create the right content for your website, but also how to manage it over time.
  • SEO services - We always build our sites to be SEO-ready, but this set of services can start you on keyword research and smart ways to manage the whole SEO process.
  • Analytics services -  Now that you have a website built you’re going to want to know what it’s doing. These services help you to choose the right metrics for your goals, manage your event tracking so you see how you’re converting, and set up A/B testing so you can iterate on new ideas.
  • Retainer agreements - We offer blocks of hours to our on a monthly basis. These blocks have a three month commitment and can provide a reduced rate. Most importantly, we offer priority service and reserve that time for your projects. Most of our other services are available under our retainer agreements giving you the flexibility you need.

Ready To Get Started?

We look forward to hearing what challenges you are bringing to us.

matt coats

Having received several quotes and pitches from other website developers, we were struck by the professionalism, vision, and honesty of Jeff, Dave and the team at Pixel Jar. We received everything we were supposed to receive when we were supposed to receive it, including some polite nudging periodically when we were late in providing the content.


They ensured that we were satisfied with the layout and function of the demo site and managed a smooth rollout of the finished product. We couldn't be happier and have enjoyed more activity on our site than we had been getting previously and are starting to turn some of those hits into dollars.


We look forward to the next stage of our website's development with Pixel Jar!

Matt Coats

Surety Bond Specialist at Coats Surety