PJ OneDay – Kickstart Your Site In A Day

Let’s build your site in a day!

(Or at least give you a huge boost and a path to the finish line.)

Interested in building your own WordPress website, but want some lift along the way? PJ OneDay is right for you. Why spend hours and hours getting through the learning curve, when you can spend one day with us instead and put your website on the fast track?

We will utilize an entire 8-hour day with you developing your website with you. We’ll hit the ground running and you can watch over our should while we start stepping through the process of building your site. As we go, we’ll explain how and why we are doing everything we are doing.

By the end of the day we’ll either have a fully functional website ready to go, or you’ll have the knowledge and path to get to the finish line on your own.

We have decades of wisdom to share with you. We’ll help you set up goals, walk through the decision process, troubleshoot features and functionality, and avoid rookie mistakes.

Have more questions about this product and want to chat with a real human person? Set up a meeting using the button below. Seriously.

PJ OneDay

  • An 8-hour one-on-one session over zoom
  • 1-year hosting (if you need it)
  • Access to our developer library of themes, builders, and plugins
  • Consultation and advice
  • Learn how to build, update, and maintain your WordPress website
  • More features as needed

How Does It Work?

Great question. We outline the details below, but in broad stroke it’ll go like so. Lock your place in the queue by paying using the online form below. We’ll set a date that’s mutually convenient for us both. Then we’ll give you a list of prep items to have ready for build day so we won’t waste any time getting started. At the end of the day, you’ll be ready and comfortable to run, update, and maintain your own WordPress website.

STEP 1: Secure your spot

Use the form below to claim your spot in the queue.

STEP 2: Set a date and complete a form

Next we set a date that is mutually convenient for use both to work on your site. And we’ll have a short preliminary form to help us understand what to prepare on our end and best tailor the session to your needs.

STEP 3: Preparation of assets

While our date is approaching, we’ll give you a list of things to prepare and have ready for our session. This can include things like logos, style guides, color palettes, and content documents. The more prepared you are on build day, the more we can accomplish. If you want to spend our time together creating logos and writing content, we can. But our expertise is building websites.

STEP 4: Build and learn

It’s build day! We spend our time together building your site and developing your vision. All along the way we’ll explain the whys and hows of what we are doing. You can ask any questions along the way. And you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll pick up how to develop the site. We’ll also cover how to keep your site update-to-date and safe-and-secure. At the end of the day we’ll either have a completed, fully functional site, or the site will be pretty far along with a roadmap to the finish line that we are confident you’ll be able to complete on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the PJ OneDay, you get a full workday’s one-on-one session with our lead web developer. And being our customer for a day gets you access to our library of plugins and themes. You’ll get about $3,000 of parts and labor all for $900.

Q: Are you using a specific theme?
A: Yes, we are currently building with the Kadence theme and Pro Blocks. We are always testing and trying new combinations of themes and builders. Right now, for us, this is the most accessible and performant option, and works well with existing and future WordPress development.

Q: What if my site need a certain feature?
A: Most sites will need more than what’s provided with a default WordPress installation. This can be forms, a store, membership, custom posts types, and so on. We have licenses to many of the major options. If you need access to a specific plugin or add-on that we don’t have, it will be your responsibility to buy it. But if we already have it, you will have access to it too.

Q: How does the one-year hosting work?
A: We host with ICDSoft. We’ve been hosting with them for over 20 years. Good service, great support. If you don’t already have hosting, we’ll set you up there for a year. If you’d like to continue for the years for follow, we’ll bill you on an annual basis.

Q: Will you help me write the content for my site?
A: You have 8 hours with us. If you choose to use that writing content, we can do that. But what we are great at is building websites. And you likely know your audience way better than we do. Best to have as much of your content ready before we start our day.

Q: Do we literally go for 8 hours straight?
A: We’ll pause for stretch and water breaks. We’ll pause for lunch. But we use the bulk of the day. If you need to break things up into two sessions we can discuss it. We get that life is busy. We want to accommodate that, but it’s also important to seize the day and keep the flow going.

Why Pixel Jar?

When you choose Pixel Jar, you are choosing a team of experienced web developers who will invest in your success. Pixel Jar started in 2004. We are a web development firm in Orange County, California. Our cornerstones are a strong work ethic and great communication. We’ve created countless sites, and we are quite good at it. We are life-long learners who stay current on trends in the marketplace. We pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions that work for our clients. We’ve built sites from large, known companies like the Dallas Mavericks and Rickenbacker, to bootstrapped companies and non-profits just starting our of their homes.

Pixel Jar is dedicated, committed, super reliable and their communication is top notch. We always felt that they had our back and could handle anything that came their way.

tana parrott

Tana Parrott

VP of Business Operations at Marie Forleo International