WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the functionality power-boosters that sets WordPress apart. Best of all, if you spot an untapped need, you can develop your own plugin to address it. 

That’s where our WordPress Plugin development services come in.

Do I Need WordPress Plugin Development Services?

The flexible plugin architecture is one of the things that first attracted us to WordPress, and we genuinely enjoy the challenge of modifying existing plugins or building one from scratch. 

In our experience, there are two main reasons you’d need plugins developed:

  • You want to extend an existing plugin to perform a specific added function.
  • Your website has a task that no plugin can manage – and you need help building one from scratch.

Types of Plugin Development

Our plugin development services fall into two neat categories: writing new plugins or adapting existing ones.

Writing New Plugins

You may be a WordPress developer who has a great idea, and needs help bringing it to life. If that’s the case, we’ll be happy to help you create a new plugin. 

More commonly, however, website owners come to us wishing that their website could do one thing in particular. In these situations, we take a look at the problem and decide if we can develop a solution by building a new plugin. 

Modifying Existing Plugins

Often, website owners find that a plugin doesn’t quite do everything they need it to do. In these circumstances, we can simply extend the functionality of the existing plugin to perform a new task. What’s more, we always make sure to future-proof any changes to avoid problems with updates.

Pixel Jar’s Plugin Product Line

At Pixel Jar, we dabble in creating plugins of our own to overcome business problems that annoy us or our clients. 

Many of our efforts are available on the repository so everyone can benefit from our creations. Examples of this include:

Premium Offering

We also have a Premium Plugin offering, featuring quality solutions to enhance your website’s functionality.


This plugin makes it easier to manage your ads on WordPress, allowing you to easily insert self-hosted and network ads on your platform.

All plugins are built following best practices and are well-documented for future expansion and updates.

Pixel Jar is a trusted extension of our team for all our web development needs. Whether it’s a small fix or a complete web build, I would recommend working with them. The level of service, project management, and communications give me complete peace of mind that my needs will be met.

David Poole

Head of Marketing, Georgian

Get in touch to increase your website’s functionality!

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