WordPress Theme Development

Your WordPress Theme is the look of your website. And this is as customizable as you can imagine. We can help bring your vision to life with a custom theme.

There's an incredible amount of flexibility in WordPress themes and it's in these themes where your website shows your brand's personality. WordPress theme development can add longevity to an existing website. But the flexibility doesn’t stop there. The way that themes are implemented in WordPress allows for complete customization of your pages. WordPress’ template hierarchy allows for default template behavior based on the purpose of the page. You can also deliberately override those defaults to make the pages bend to your will.

We Create Themes

One of our favorite things to take on is a complete WordPress theme development project. Working with our design partners we can build a theme that provides exactly the look and functionality that you need. Often, themes are trying to do too much and the impulse is to pick a theme with all of the bells and whistles, even when they aren’t needed. Usually sticking to the feature set you need keeps your website more focused and can have amazing optimization benefits as well.

For some clients, working with an existing theme is a better option. We’re happy to make changes to your chosen theme, however what may seem like a time (and money) saving decision may not always be. If customization is a good decision for you then we’ll make sure that those customizations are made utilizing best practices. We want to make sure any changes made aren’t overwritten when new updates to the theme are delivered.

Posts in WordPress Theme Development

Themes and theme customizations are the focus of this category. Here you’ll find posts about themes we built or customizations we’ve made to an off-the-shelf theme. In addition, you may find posts about a deeper dive into a specific theme, starter theme, theme framework, or theme builder. Basically, anything that’s related to WordPress theme development.

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MemberPress the best WordPress membership plugin

Redesigning MemberPress, the Best WordPress Membership Plugin

MemberPress is simply the best WordPress membership plugin. When we have clients who need a membership product, MemberPress is almost always the solution that we use to help the client achieve their goals. It has a flexibility and common-sense approach that makes it incredibly robust. As we’ve mentioned previously, we’ve known Blair Williams, the owner…

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WordPress themes with purpose

WordPress Themes with Purpose

WordPress Themes. The first thing you think about when you’re starting a new WordPress project. The importance of this choice will have repercussions for as long as you own your website. Decisions are often made by users who see an amazing demo site, but don’t ask the important questions like – “Do I have images…

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Pretty Links logo

A New Look for Pretty Links

We’ve known Blair Williams since 2009. Caseproof, Blair’s company, makes several of the best commercial plugins for WordPress. We’re proud users of Affiliate Royale (in fact, it powers our affiliate program for AdSanity), we’ve used MemberPress for several client solutions, and we leverage Pretty Links to create beautiful, short links. When Blair reached out to…

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