WordPress Themes

Every website has a unique personality – and WordPress themes allow you to let it shine. While there are many themes to choose from, either they don’t quite fit what you want or offer more bells and whistles than necessary. 

Our WordPress Theme development services help you get the exact look you want, no more no less.

Do I Need WordPress Themes Services?

First impressions matter and the theme plays a substantial role in a visitor’s initial feeling. If you aren’t entirely convinced that you’re giving the right vibe, we can help you out.

Our theme services are perfect for people who:

  • Want a unique, fully tailored theme that accurately reflects your business.
  • Are mostly happy with the look of an existing theme but would like some custom tweaks.

Types of Theme Services

WordPress themes allow for incredible personalization – and that doesn’t end with the look. Having a theme that’s tailored to your website doesn’t just show off your personality, it also allows you to bend pages to your will and offer a heightened experience. 

That’s why we offer a few theme development services. 

Full Theme Development

This is your from-scratch, 100% tailored service. We listen to your needs and vision before bringing it to life. Not only will we nail the exact look you’re going for, but we’ll also make sure to include the exact features you need to enhance the experience without the performance suffering.

Existing Theme Customization

While existing themes are right for some websites, they often need to be further tailored to provide the desired experience. We talk with you to find out what’s working and what isn’t, before offering a full or partial customization. We always follow best practices when doing this, making sure that our changes aren’t overwritten when new updates are available.

Pixel Jar is a trusted extension of our team for all our web development needs. Whether it’s a small fix or a complete web build, I would recommend working with them. The level of service, project management, and communications give me complete peace of mind that my needs will be met.

David Poole

Head of Marketing, Georgian

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Not sure if WordPress Theme Development is right for you?

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