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You focus on running your business.

PJ SiteForge is an affordable website development done right. Let our team of experts at Pixel Jar use decades of wisdom to quickly and correctly build a WordPress website for your business at a price that makes sense.

Every business needs a website to be viable. Users will often go to your website first to test the validity and trustworthiness of your business.

Sure, you can go to SquareSpace, or Wix, or build your own WordPress site. But think of all the hours you will put into building that site and the learning curve involved. You could change the oil on your car yourself too, but most of us don’t. Because we know someone qualified can do it better and faster, and we can put all that saved time to better use.

We are web nerds, and building websites is our jam. Let us put decades of knowledge and wisdom to use on your behalf.

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PJ SiteForge

  • Custom in-browser design
  • Responsive website for desktop and mobile
  • SEO ready to build organic traffic
  • Consultation and advice
  • 5 pages and a blog
  • More features as needed

What’s Included

With the PJ SiteForge, you get a quality website, custom created by our team of web experts. We use the power of WordPress, plus the ease and versatility of the Block Editor (a.k.a Gutenberg) to build a website that matches your company’s tone, meets your online needs, and is easy to maintain. You’ll get everything listed below, all starting at $4,000.


5 Pages + Blog

Most sites generally have 5 pages and a blog. We’ll help you decide what those pages need to be and what content to include on them.

Lead Generation

CRM or Newsletter Integration

All sites should be goal oriented. We’ll connect your site to preferred CRM service to help you to capitalize on those goals.

Custom Design

Unique In-browser Design

We’ll use our in-browser design process to create a custom look for your business using your logo, colors, and audience. No templates!


Mobile Ready Website

In this modern age, most sites average over 50% of their traffic from mobile devices. We’ll make sure your site is as user-friendly on a phone as it is on a desktop.


Answers and Advice

You’ll have questions. We’ll have answers. We want this to be a collaborative project and communication will be paramount throughout.


Know Your Viewers

Having Google Analytics set up on any site is crucial. We’ll connect your site to GA so you can collect valuable data on how viewers are using your site.

SEO Ready

Be Found By Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can seem overwhelming. We’ll help streamline that for you with some tips and regular practices to get your site found.


Tutorials and Help

We want you to succeed. Once your site is complete we’ll have a 1 hour tutorial session. And we’ll always be here via email for future questions.


WordPress + Block Technology

Using WordPress’s Block Technology gives us a head-start in the development process, and gives you easy and intuitive content management.

How Does It Work?

Building a small business website shouldn’t be a stressor for you. For the low price of $4,000 we will walk you through a simple process to get you from start to finish with minimal fuss. We’ll do all the hard work for you so you can focus on running your business. Our process is just 5 easy steps.

STEP 1: Initial meeting

The project will start with a meeting between you, our project manager, and one of our developers. All of our developers are local. We do not outsource our work. You will always be speaking with the same people who are actually working on your project. We want to get to know you, your business, your online needs, and your goals. This will give us a road map for the project.

STEP 2: Collection of Assets

Once we’ve established where you want to go, we’ll need to collect a few things before we start. This can include things like logos, style guides, color palettes, content documents, hosting access, analytics access, API keys, and anything else we need to complete the project.

STEP 3: Build and Review

After collecting your assets, we’ll start building your website. We start with the home page because that sets the tone for entire site – the colors, the fonts, and most of the creative decisions for content. Soon we’ll have a beta site ready for your review. We’ll meet with you to discuss the direction and get your feedback. We want your input. We know the web, but you know your audience. Typically the design style will go through two rounds of revision to fine tune a solution that makes everyone happy.  Next, we’ll move on to populating the site with your content. Content creation isn’t included with this project. We’ll help you select imagery and make suggestion, but providing the content is best handled by your team.

STEP 4: Training

We are getting so close! By now most everything is ready for launch. Before we release your new site into the wild, we want to train you on managing and adding content. This is usually a short 1-2 hour meeting. Most everyone we’ve trained catches on pretty fast. And then…

STEP 5: Launch And Beyond

We launch your site! Is that the end? Of course not. Websites need to be maintained, just like cars. We will show you how to do this or we can help you here with additional maintenance packages. And we’ll be here to help with any question, concerns, and modifications you might have. We also include a 30 day user acceptance period after launch. No software is 100% perfect, so if we find any anomalies which are considered bugs, we will fix them at no additional cost. If you find an issue after the 30 day user acceptance period, we’re still happy to help. We can complete the work on an hourly basis or set up a maintenance package with you.

Why Pixel Jar?

When you choose Pixel Jar, you are choosing a team of experienced web developers who will invest in your success. Pixel Jar started in 2004. We are a web development firm in Orange County, California. Our cornerstones are a strong work ethic and great communication. We’ve created countless sites, and we are quite good at it. We are life-long learners who stay current on trends in the marketplace. We pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions that work for our clients. We’ve built sites from large, known companies like the Dallas Mavericks and Rickenbacker, to bootstrapped companies and non-profits just starting our of their homes.

Pixel Jar is dedicated, committed, super reliable and their communication is top notch. We always felt that they had our back and could handle anything that came their way.

tana parrott

Tana Parrott

VP of Business Operations at Marie Forleo International

Have More Questions?

A typical project can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks once we begin working. Factors that can affect this time are collection of assets, receiving feedback, waiting on 3rd parties for authorizations, and so on. Essentially any time we are waiting on something external to our development team, it will slow down the process. But communication is one of our cornerstones, and we will always set expectations with you. We don’t want there to be any surprises.

All businesses have special needs, and consequently, so will a business’s website. When your site needs something outside of the base package, we’ll discuss possibilities and solutions with you. Often times we can find solutions that won’t add to the budget. If they do add to the budget, we’ll do our best to be very competitive with the pricing. We’ll also be honest about your needs. If we feel your site needs something more than what this package is offering, we’ll let you know. We aren’t going to try and shoehorn your project into this package if it’s not a good fit. If that’s the case, we can bid on a bigger project with you too or provide recommended solutions.

Yes. Whether you are a law firm, a doctor’s office, a mom-and-pop, a digital start-up, or any other industry, this package can work for you. And we’ve worked with myriad companies in myriad industries over the years – medical incubators, vacuum plumbing specialists, local surf shops, clothing companies, non-profits, and everything else in between. The only reason this package won’t work is if you require custom functionality beyond what’s offered here. And even if that’s the case, we’ll still discuss possible solutions to your needs and provide you with a competitive bid on the project. We are here to help.

No problem! If your existing site is already on WordPress we can build around it and implement it only when it is ready to go live. If your site is not currently on WordPress, we can build it on our own staging area and deploy it when it’s ready. Whatever your current configuration is, we can work with it. We’ve seen it all.

Great! We’ve worked with most hosts and can adapt to your existing setup. If you’d like to discuss hosting options, we can help you with that too. Often times companies like to separate their email hosting from their web hosting. (We do this as well.) We can help you with that too.

A clean slate – we love it. We can help you select hosting, domains, and help you set up.

No. We’ll help define the site structure and identify what content you’ll need. But trust us when we tell you that you don’t want web engineers writing your content for you. If you’d rather not write your own content, we can recommend professional content writers to help you out. 

Once your site is live, we’ll stay in touch with you (unless you prefer we don’t). Websites need maintenance and we want to make sure you keep your site up to date and secure. We also offer PJ Update – a monthly WordPress maintenance service. And we will always be here for questions. We want you to succeed.

We do! We have a monthly WordPress maintenance service called PJ Update. It’s a great way to keep your new site current and secure.

This can happen, and is usually a good thing. Incrementally improving your site is the best way to increase traffic and conversions. So if there are changes you’d like to make after the project is complete, let us know. We’ll discuss solution options with you and then provide estimates to complete the work. We are here to help you succeed.

No. We can advise you on how to manage your social media, and we will integrate your social media into your site, but managing your social media accounts is its own full time job and not included in this package. If you’d like to hire someone to manage your social media, we can make recommendations.

We build responsive websites – meaning they will adapt from phones to cinema displays. When building the site, we’ll test it in current, modern browser/hardware configurations. Modern browsers are defined as the latest version of the top market share browser brands as of the start date of this Project. If you require that older browsers or hardware need to be supported in your project, let us know so we can include them in our testing cycle.

We stand by our work. With every project we include a 30-day user acceptance period. If you find any anomalies on your site in that window, report them to us. If they are a result of our work, we will update them as part of the project. To set expectations do know that no software is 100% bug free or 100% secure. We do everything we can to minimize this. But technology is ever changing, which is why we advocate maintenance and security so strongly.

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