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If we had to pick one thing that Pixel Jar was best known for, it would be web development. We eat, drink, and think code. Even before we started using WordPress we were writing PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and creating custom Content Management Systems for clients.

Web development allows us to exercise control over the smallest details of a site from setting an end-point to creating the perfect delay on a form fade in. Keeping up with web development keeps us on our toes and reinforces our belief in lifelong learning.

Web Development versus Web Design

Web development is often conflated with web design, but the two disciplines are actually distinct. Design is focused on the visual appearance and user interactions with the website. Development focuses on bringing those design decisions to life and making sure that the connective tissue that design needs for functionality is working.

Our Web Development Services

The umbrella of web development covers both plugin development and theme development but also includes website architecture, integrations, and security issues.

Front-end Web Development

Front-end web development focuses on building out the user facing components of the site. This may be turning design comps into a fully functioning website or building out a site leveraging in-browser design. If it’s something that a site visitor is going to interact with it’s the purview of the front-end.

Back-end Web Development

The back-end focuses on those components of the site that aren’t visible to the user. Just like your car, these items are what keeps your site moving. These unseen items are often the key components of a site. Form notifications, user registrations, analytics connectivity, and SEO management can all be aspects of the back-end.

At Pixel Jar we blur the line between front-end and back-end development. Though each of our developers has a particular proficiency, all are able to work confidently on both sides of development.

When in Doubt, Start with an Audit

Because we’re experts in writing code we also like to talk about code. We perform code reviews, site reviews, and can consult on your web project to help you over a rough patch in your own web development. We’re always excited to see what our clients are working on and leveraging a second set of eyes can unearth things that you might have missed.

How Can We Help You?

We want to build your next project. At Pixel Jar our cornerstones are communication and quality. Let us help you find the best solutions.

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How Can We Help You?

We want to build your next project.

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