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We eat, drink, and think code. At Pixel Jar, we’ve been writing PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS – and creating custom Content Management Systems – since before we can remember (almost). 

With website development, we apply our expertise to realize your website’s potential, down to the smallest detail.

Do I Need Site Development Services?

Website development can range from ground-up construction of your new WordPress platform to making changes to your existing one. 

We’d recommend our website development services for larger projects, such as: 

  • Building an entirely new website from scratch. 
  • Bringing your current website up to date.
  • Drastically improving the speed and performance of your current website.

Types of Site Development

Web development brings design decisions to life – and makes sure they work. While you could pick out different services within web development, we like to keep things simple by focusing on front-end and back-end development for larger projects. 

(It’s worth noting that most projects will require a mix of font- and back-end development.)

Front-end Site Development

Front-end development is the face of your website. This is the part your visitors will interact with – and the strength of the experience will determine whether they convert or not. 

Pixel Jar’s front-end development service: 

  • Enhances the visual appearance of your website. 
  • Ensures all user interactions are seamless and intuitive. 
  • Guarantees speed and performance at the user level. 

Back-end Site Development

The back-end deals with everything that isn’t visible to the user. It’s the wheels and cogs of your digital machine. 

Pixel Jar’s back-end development service: 

  • Builds or ensures the quality of your website’s code. 
  • Keeps form notifications and user registration performing well. 
  • Optimizes your site for SEO and analytics.
  • Generally makes sure your website is secure, high-performing, and matches your vision.

Pixel Jar is a trusted extension of our team for all our web development needs. Whether it’s a small fix or a complete web build, I would recommend working with them. The level of service, project management, and communications give me complete peace of mind that my needs will be met.

David Poole

Head of Marketing, Georgian

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