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Regular WordPress website maintenance is important for your site’s performance and security. Every WordPress website should be on a steady schedule of updates and backups.

How long can you afford to have your site down? Every moment of down time is a missed sale, a missed subscription, or a missed lead. Proactively maintaining your site and scanning for malicious activity is the best weapon against a broken or hacked websites.

But web stuff isn’t your sweet spot. And you are always worried about breaking something. Or worse, you haven’t updated your site in forever.

Let us provide that service for you. You can have peace of mind and focus on your business. Imagine getting all those hours back in your calendar to do the work you are meant to do.

We are real folks who would like nothing more that to take care of your site for you. Have more questions about this service and want to chat with a person? Set up a meeting using the button below. Seriously.

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PJ Update

  • Twice monthly updates
  • Reviewed on a staging site before going live
  • Updates are reviewed by a real-life human
  • Automatic backups every 6 hours
  • Secure cloud-based back-up and restore
  • Malware/vulnerability scans every 6 hours
  • Domain and Blacklist health check
  • Emailed report sent after each update
  • Price lock guarantee

Worth every penny.

They consistently deliver and manage our website well. The team is professional and responsive.
Yali Lincroft
MBA, Program Director Walter S. Johnson Foundation

So, how does PJ Update work?

Twice monthly core, theme, and plugin updates

Twice a month, at scheduled intervals, we update WordPress core, your themes, and your plugins, and we provide you with a report of the results. What that means is we will create a staging site as a copy of your live site. From there we update update everything. We test a predetermined list of pages and templates on your site to inspect for any issues. If you like, you may review the staging site as well. Once all test pages pass visual tests, we’ll update the live site.

Updates are reviewed on a staging site before being going live

Updating WordPress, theme, and plugins on a live site can result in a broken functionality or the dreaded blank white screen. That’s why we test all the updates on a staging server first to minimize this danger. With your help, we make a list of pages and functionality to test to ensure all page and templates types are accounted for in the testing process.

Updates are reviewed by a real, live human being

We aren’t using automated services or AI to test for visual regression or running the updates. It is a genuine human person, one of us from the Pixel Jar team running the updates and doing the visual testing. Brandon, Jeff, or Paxton will run through the page check for issues, bugs, breaks, etc.

Backups made every 6 hours, saved for 365 days

4X daily backups are made of your site. Should you (or we) find something’s gone wrong with the site, having reliable backups is the quickest way to get your site back up and running. So we keep 1 year’s worth of backups in the tank, just in case. Which leads us to the next item…

Cloud-based back-up and restore

Should something go wrong with the site two things are crucial. First there must be a viable backup from before the site was compromised. Second is having a way to be able to restore a site from that viable backup. We will have both set up and ready to go.

Automatic malware and vulnerability scans every 6 hours

The site is scanned every 6 hours looking for any malicious or suspicious behavior. If anything gets flagged, we’ll notify you right away with solution options. We’ll help you squash those bugs and get the site back on track.

Domain and Blacklist check

While updating and checking the site, we’ll also run some checks to make sure your domain is in good order. We’ll also check the major indexers to ensure your URL has not been blacklisted for any reason.

Emailed reports

When the update is complete, Dave will write you email with a report of what was updated. He’ll also include any notes about anything we find or suggestion about future updates.

Price lock guarantee

The price you pay today is the price you pay years from now. Inflation is frustrating. So while we’ll likely have to raise prices for new customers in the future, your price is guaranteed to stay the same.

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Maintenance

Is regular WordPress maintenance really that important?
Yes! If for nothing else, it is important for site performance and security. One important factor in SEO ranking is site speed, so maintaining good WordPress performance is important. And security – no one wants to get hacked. And if you do get hacked, would you rather have the problem solved before it even happens with a practiced restoration process or start from scratch after being hacked? Stay in front of the threat!

Can you make modifications and changes to my website also?
Yes! We also do all kinds of programming and web development work. We would be happy to take on your specialized tasks and projects.

Can you host my site and domain as well?
Yes! It is not part of the PJ Update service, but we can definitely get you set up with good, trustworthy hosting.

How do I restore my site from a backup?
Submit a support ticket and tell us which existing backup to restore to and we’ll take care of the rest.

Does this work for any site?
Our process will work for most any site. If you are CNN, this probably isn’t the ideal solution. But if you are CNN you probably have updates, backups, and restores all sorted out already. If we don’t feel this service will work for your site, we’ll let you know before we even get started.

Does this work for a multisite website?
Yes. But see Question above.

How do I stop the service?
Submit a support ticket and to let us know to end service before the next cycle. We are sorry to see you go, and we’ll always be here should you need us to maintain any of your sites in the future.

If you find something wrong with the site, can you fix it?
Yes, but that won’t always be included in the PJ Update service. At our discretion, if the fix is small enough and can be worked in with the update, we are happy to take care of it. If, however, the fix takes more time and energy than can be included in PJ Update service, we will provide you with a plan and a path forward. We can make those changes for you, or you are welcome to have anyone else perform this fixes.

Updates and backups are important!

In short, updates are important for site performance and site security. Web infrastructure is updating all the time, and plugins and themes have to keep up. Out-of-date software opens your site up to conflicts and security vulnerabilities. And backups are important to have for when things go wrong. Should your site go down, how long can you afford to be offline? We get into this in much more detail in the following articles.

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