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Pixel Jar takes pride in all the work we do. We bring decades of development knowledge to each project - from design to development to maintenance. See our featured projects below. Learn how we helped each of these clients achieve their goals. Click "See the project" to go into more detail on any of these projects.

Coats Surety Redesign

Coats Surety Services was ready to move beyond their old site. They were looking to make it much easier for their users to contact them about their varied surety services. So we set about designing and building a site that would invite the user to connect with Coats right away and help them self identify what type of bond they were looking for. The result was a big improvement in the user experience and a large increase in conversions for Coats.

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Mavericks Custom Theme, Vol. 1

How The Mavericks represented themselves online was limited to what the NBA’s online platform allowed. Mark Cuban wanted to create a bigger impact and provide a better experience for Mavs fans online. We worked with the Mavs organization to develop an impactful, rich website.

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