Pilatesology provides accessible and affordable pilates classes online, which includes a community of people at various stages to connect with, ranging from first-time students, those looking to ease back pain, or Pilates pros. They have a class for you.

Pilatesology was looking to modernize their look and usability to ensure that users would know and trust them to be the authority in their market. This required a re-imagining of their site’s user experience, as custom design of major site templates, and a careful hand to ensure that membership data and third-party integrations remained intact. The result was an amazing transformation.

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A New Design

Web designs and trends change and evolve quickly. As a leader in the Pilates and exercise market it is important to keep the site current and modern to let users know the site is actively maintained and membership is important. Collaborating with Nien Studios, Sarah Cauble, and the fine folks at Pilatesology we took a deep look at the user experience focussing on how to improve user flow and intuitiveness. The results had members sending kudos to the owners from day one of the launch.

Adding New Features

Since we already had the site cracked open, the owners wanted to add a few new features during the project. This meant having to maintain all current functionality while also integrating these new features. The new additions were then integrated into the testing process to ensure both existing and new features are all working well together. It’s a heavier lift for a project, but one we are quite capable of handling.

Maintaining Data Integrity

Because Pilatesology is a membership site, there are countless data transactions that go on between the users of the site and the database from moment to moment. As such, we couldn’t just build a new theme and install it on the site. We had to ensure that no user data would be lost during the launch. We created a very detailed and careful map to bring the new theme online while keeping the site accessible to users. And with that careful planning the launch went quickly and without a hitch.

Pixel Jar is dedicated, committed, super reliable and their communication is top notch. We always felt that they had our back and could handle anything that came their way.

Alisa Wyatt

Chief Pilates Officer

Final Thoughts

Nien Studios provided art direction from which Sarah Cauble executed brilliant designs. We then translated those designs into a responsive web experience. We paid extra attention to ease-of-use for the end user. As this is a membership website, user happiness is a primary goal for the site.

We really enjoyed this project. We were able to collaborate with some great folks at Pilatesology. We had an excellent experience working with Sarah officially for the first time. We experienced some unique challenges to help us flex our developer muscles. And we are extremely proud of the final result – a sleek membership site for online pilates students!

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