The Society of
Composers and Lyricists

The Society of Composers and Lyricists were looking to bring their web presence into the modern era. Over years of adding small pieces of functionality, the site had become tough to manage. They wanted to consolidate the management of all these different elements. Meanwhile they need to simplify how their members to find news, information, and sign up for events.


DATE: Completed in early 2019 in preparation of the awards season.

ROLE: With Nien Studios, we created a new logo, were responsible for analyzing data, strategizing on architecture, designing the templates, developing the theme, and migrating content.

URL: You can see the latest version of the SCL theme and branding at

CLIENT: The Society of Composers and Lyricists are the premier organization for music creators working in visual media.

data centralization

All Kinds of Info

Over the life of the previous website SCL had data for members, newsletters, payments, subscribers, events, and site content. This meant tapping into various 3rd party APIs to centralize all the data so it could be managed in WordPress rather than having to log in to all these other services.

Project Gallery

Once again, Nien Studios created beautiful, responsive templates to translate into web templates for the new site.

Because the site is so information rich, we paid special attention to selecting readable fonts and sizing them to optimize crispness of display.

Society of Composers and Lyricists new logo

A New Logo

Part of the mandate to bring SCL into the modern world with their website was also updating their logo. Their previous logo was created before all the current digital considerations needed to be made when creating a logo. And while they deal with all kinds of media, they also still wanted to pay tribute to their film roots.

Crucial Data Migration

SCL has been managing membership information for years. When bringing all that data into the new configuration, we had to be extra diligent about making sure all data mapped correctly to ensure there were no hiccups in anyone's membership information and settings.

data migration

Before and After

Here is a quick side-by-side visualization of the transformation from the previous design to the new design, ready for the modern era.


This was a larger, long-term project that we were excited to take on. There was a lot of heavy lifting in the way of maintaining data integrity and improving the user experience for the site's members. But this is exactly what 15 years in the web business had been training us for. We knew we could meet all the challenges of this project and provide quality solutions for the client.


Ready To Get Started?

We look forward to hearing what challenges you are bringing to us.

matt coats

Having received several quotes and pitches from other website developers, we were struck by the professionalism, vision, and honesty of Jeff, Dave and the team at Pixel Jar. We received everything we were supposed to receive when we were supposed to receive it, including some polite nudging periodically when we were late in providing the content.


They ensured that we were satisfied with the layout and function of the demo site and managed a smooth rollout of the finished product. We couldn't be happier and have enjoyed more activity on our site than we had been getting previously and are starting to turn some of those hits into dollars.


We look forward to the next stage of our website's development with Pixel Jar!

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