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Speed Up and Back Up Your WordPress Site

Two of the biggest problems you can have with any website is a slow site or a lost site (due to hacking or accidental deleting…). Luckily both of these issues can be solved with one great plug-in. WP-DBManager by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan will both back up your site’s database (and email it to you) and optimize all database tables to ensure fast database performance.  Best of all, you can set up the plug-in so these actions are performed automatically and on a regular basis.

First, download and install WP-DBManager (you can download it here).  Log into your WordPress admin and activate the WP-DBManager plug-in.  Then select “Database” in the main menu.  Next select “DB Options” in the subnav.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Automatic Scheduling” section.

For database back-ups, selection a duration for how often you’d like the database to be backed up.  Then enter an email address for the database back-up file to be sent to.  That’s it!  Now every X number of days/weeks/months (whatever you set up), you will be emailed a back-up file of your database.  (The trick here is just to remember where you put the back-up files!)

For database optimization, all you need to do it select a duration.  A good general rule is to optimize your database every 30 days.  (So if you’ve been running your WordPress site for months or years, you are well overdue.)

Click “Save Changes.”  Now database back-ups and optimizations will done automatically.

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