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Expanding the Twitter Post Loading Concept to WordPress

I read a great tutorial over at NetTuts today that showed how to create a “Twitter-Like ‘load more'” button. It was grounded in WordPress, yet the author David Walsh wanted to keep it general so that anyone could integrate the functionality into their PHP code. He got his hands a bit dirty by accessing the WordPress database with raw MySQL commands and writing his own SQL which WordPress has worked hard to hide for most tasks. He left out the details of how to integrate this idea into WordPress using its built-in functionality. I’ve written a little code to bridge that gap. So, head over to the original tutorial and read up on the idea and then return here, download my PHP file as a replacement for David’s PHP/MySQL file. You can drop this file in your web root  and load additional posts with it.

[download id=”1″]

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  1. Miles says:

    download link for the script dosn’t work, can you please repair it or PM me with working one.
    Really looking forward for this one.
    And of course tnx for effort to “bridge that gap”.

  2. Brandon says:

    @Miles – Hey, sorry about that. The plugin we have been using for downloads recently upgraded. I guess it broke something when we did that. The link in this post should work now. Thanks for letting us know that it was broken.

  3. tm3909 says:


    I’ve tried to get this script to work for a while now, and its turning my hair white! I keep getting the “Try Again” error.

    Have you been able to get this to work, and can you offer any advice on what the heck I’m doing wrong?


  4. Brandon says:

    @Ben – The file is in the post. Click on the link that says “Twitter Style Loading Script (33)”. If that doesn’t work for you, let us know. Also, we may take some time to rebuild this as a quick plugin. The way this works is totally not the WordPress way.

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