The Multi-Point Inspection – Tuning Up Your Website

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Some time ago we wrote a blog post where we used an extended metaphor, comparing your website to a car. We still think this is an appropriate comparison. This year we built a tool for our own use (and for our clients to leverage) that runs an automated check on your website and emails the results to you. So, we call it, as you might expect, The Multi-Point Inspection and you can run one for yourself.

What’s In the Inspection?

The Multi-Point Inspection gathers some details about your website focused on three key metrics; speed, performance, and security. We have tied three great scanning features together and presented them in one PDF package that gives you some good steps to take to start optimizing your site. Let’s take a look.


Utilizing technology from Google, we’re able to give you an indication of how Google rates your site from a speed perspective. As we all know, search engines penalize slow sites in their search results. And if you’re running an eCommerce site, slow speeds can also have a direct, negative impact on your sales.


Next, for performance, you’ll receive a graded breakdown of some key metrics. These show you several areas that you could gain some quick speed improvements. These issues are typically related to compression, caching, and minification.


Finally, we run a non-intrusive security scan on your site to assess your risk of being hacked. In the security section, we’ll highlight any updates that are needed for WordPress Core as well as any installed themes and plugins that can be detected. The report will also outline any other vulnerabilities it finds based on your configuration.

How Do I Start Optimizing My Website?

Getting started with the inspection is easy. Just navigate to the Multi-Point Inspection page on our site, enter your website and email address (we send out a few emails as follow up), and wait for your PDF link to arrive in your inbox. It’s usually completed in about 5 minutes.

A good tune-up starts by understanding what’s under the hood. If you have any problems understanding the Multi-Point Inspection feel free to reach out to us, we’re happy to interpret your results.

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