4 Simple Ways To Kill SPAM From Your WordPress Site

With over 1.6 million blog posts and 175,000 new blogs going live every day covering every possible topic, it’s no wonder that this is the front lines in the battle against SPAM. It’s so easy to stop SPAM dead in it’s tracks, yet so many people don’t take ten minutes to do simple things that can practically eliminate SPAM. Here are four simple ways to help you drastically reduce SPAM originating from your WordPress blog.

SpamShiv Anti-SPAM Plugin to hide your email addresses

Occasionally you may need to post an email address for your readers to get in touch with you. That being said, putting an unencrypted email address out on the web is a TERRIBLE idea. If you put an email address out on your website, you will absolutely get SPAM. So, how do you avoid this? WordPress has some built-in methods to encrypt email addresses that make it very difficult for email harvesters to grab your email addresses. The problem is that there is no easy way to incorporate it into your content. We’ve created a plugin that will make this a thing of the past. Not only does our plugin automatically encrypt email addresses that you post in your content, it runs through the entire output of your page and encrypts every email address it finds. It does the work for you. In our lite version, we encrypt email addresses using the built-in method “antispambot().” In our full version, that can only be downloaded by joining our list, we give you the power to choose between three methods of encryption:

  1. The built-in antispambot method
  2. JavaScript replacement
  3. Mod_rewrite replacement

Automatically close comments to reduce SPAM targets

The first thing you need to do is minimize the opportunities for SPAM bots to attack your site. An often overlooked setting in WordPress is the ability to automatically close comments after a certain period of time. More often than not, SPAM bots target older posts on a site because there’s a better chance that the comment will go unmoderated. Here’s how to get this done:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin
  2. Navigate to the discussion subpanel under the settings section
  3. Under the second subheading “Other comment settings”, you’ll find the option to “Automatically close comments on articles older than 14 days.
  4. Make sure the checkbox is selected, and change 14 days to 30 days.
  5. Save your changes

If it makes sense for your blog, you can also make it so that only registered users are allowed to post comments on the same page. This will add an extra barrier against SPAM bots.

WP-SpamShield to prevent comment SPAM

This plugin makes a great first line of defense against SPAM bots. It utilizes behind the scenes JavaScript and cookies to validate that the comment submission was made by a human, not a bot. Few bots have the capability to process JavaScript as well as cookies. This double whammy renders more than 99% of bots completely useless.

  1. Get the plugin
  2. Upload the plugin to your plugins folder
  3. Activate the plugin

Visit the plugin page for more information.

Akismet to catch comment SPAM

Occasionally, a SPAM comment will get through your defenses. Not to worry, Akismet is your last line of defense. Akismet is a free (for personal use) service created by automattic that checks comments and trackbacks for their SPAM probability. The system isn’t fool proof, but it is designed to learn and adapt to popular comment SPAM techniques. Follow the instructions below to install and set up the plugin.

  1. Get the plugin
  2. Upload the plugin to your plugins folder
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Sign up for a free WordPress.com API key
  5. Copy and paste this key into the Akismet subpanel under the plugins section.

Visit the plugin page for more information

We hope that this information helps you to reduce and probably eliminate SPAM originating from your WordPress blog all together. If you have any questions about the material presented in this post, or you find errors, please let us know. And, just so we’re being as transparent as possible, no one is paying us, nor are we profiting from advertising for any of the plugins mentioned in this post.

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