Increase SEO Keywords in your Posts

Here’s another little tidbit I picked up from WordCamp. This is comes to you from Matt Cutts.  (For credentials, Matt has a Ph.D., has been with Google since 2009 and is currently head of Google’s Webspam team.  So, I trust this tip.)  Granted, this is not a huge thing, but still every little bit helps.  So, here’s how to squeeze every little bit of SEO goodness out of your blog posts.

When you write a new post in WordPress, WordPress usually take the title of the post and uses that as part of the Permalink for the page’s URL.  (I’m assuming you have set up your URLs to contain the post title in there somewhere.  If you haven’t you are probably not into search engine optimization…and this post may not interest you.)  When checking the content of your post page, Google (and other search engines) will look at the URL of the page, items in headers tags (like <h1>, <h2>, <h3>…), links, alt tags…so on and so forth.

One thing that search engines do not do however is look at your page and say, “Wow, this page mentions ‘WordPress’ 88 times.  This page must REALLY be about WordPress and therefore we will rank this one so high for the keyword ‘WordPress.'”  Instead, Google will see “WordPress” mentioned a few times and think, “WordPress.  Got it.  What else?”

So, rather than flood your post with tons of the same keyword – spice it up*.  Specifically for this tip, there’s no reason for the title of your post and the Permalink to be exatly the same.  So, use those two things to add some variation.  Notice what I’ve done here with this post.  The title is “Increase SEO Keywords in your Posts,” wheras the URL is “more-keyword-in-blog-url.”  (I admit my URL looks like a caveman wrote it.  I’m not saying this is a great example; I’m just saying notice what I did. Hopefully you can do it better than I can.)  So in addition to keywords “Keywords” and “Post,” by changing the Permalink, I’ve also told Google and other search engines to also consider “Keyword” (singular), “Blog” and “URL.”

Happy blogging, buddies.

*When you spruce up the keywords in your posts, don’t just run to the thesaurus and toss in a bunch of synonyms.  Yes, you want variation.  But remember, after the search engines look at it, humans have to read it too – so keep it natural.

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