An Intranet with Big Waves

We’ve recently completed development on a revised intranet site for The Innovation Institute. This site specifically delivers human resources features to the Institute’s network of almost twenty companies. Each company has slightly different guidelines and many of them operate autonomously. The project was challenging and it was really rewarding to see the final build.

Repeat Customers

We’re happy to say that this wasn’t the first project we’ve completed for the Innovation Institute. We had previously completed a site redesign for the Institute that was public facing. In fact, we have the site featured in our portfolio. Since we completed the design project we’ve provided ongoing maintenance for The Innovation Institute and some of their subsidiary websites. We were happy to be approached to re-architect the new intranet.

One thing that makes a service profession like web design worthwhile is seeing our clients evolve. Pixel Jar wants to stay involved in the growth and changes that a company undertakes. We think it adds value for our client because we know where the company is coming from. We also think it benefits us because we are rewarded by the client’s faith in what we have done for them, and what we can do for them in the future.

Expanding on Branding

The extra value for the client was very evident on this project. Because we had developed the public-facing site for the Innovation Institute we had the styling readily available to adapt for the new intranet. The branding and theme we developed for Innovation Institute served as the basis for the new site. This allowed us to focus the budget on the technical hurdles that are inherent to the new site without ignoring the importance of design to the project.

Having a consistent visual image is as important inside of an organization as it is outside. There is a feeling of belonging and pride that gives a big boost to morale to employees and owners.

The Value of Intranets

The core focus for the project was to provide a user portal for all of the employees of The Innovation Institute. The portfolio companies that make up the parent are focused on all aspects of the medical industry. They even cross over into support companies for that industry. We needed a way to provide a unique view into the resources available to each company while also giving them access to the information that may be shared with another company in the network or with the entire organization. This intranet does just that.


We were able to achieve these goals and even created an easy way to expand. When the Institute acquires another company, it will be easy to add them to the structure. New employees will be able to see company-wide posts while being able to peruse the benefits, employee handbook, or vacation schedule specific to their company. Feedback has been very positive and the site serves as a great point of distribution for these documents.


When a company reaches a larger size making these documents available to everyone makes a lot of sense. Even if the differentiation were based on position instead of company, there would be a lot of value in tailoring the experience for a user. Documents can be easily updated when a new regulation is put into effect, and instantly disseminated to the team. Current news can be delivered to the entire organization, or to specific companies within the network. New features can be added as they roll out. A company store, work surveys, requests for I.T. support, and more can easily be implemented.

So far the feedback has been great, the new intranet is much easier for the human resources team to administer and users are more engaged. We hope that the site continues to evolve with new companies and new content. We also look forward to working with the Institute on their next project. If you’re thinking of building an Intranet and need some help, let us know.

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