The Innovation Institute

The Innovation Institute had a big conference they were planning on attending. They wanted to brighten up their theme and make their content more accessible to users. We collaborated with them to review their existing content and re-configure it into a smarter structure with the end-user in mind. Then we put all that revised content into a much more welcoming and accessible theme and environment. And we did it all before their big conference.

innovation institute logo white

DATE: Completed in July 2017 in time for the annual CHA Assembly conference.

ROLE: We collaborated with the Innovation Institute to analyzing content and strategize on restructuring their data architecture. We also designed and developed the new theme for their site.

URL: You can see the bright and welcoming site for the Innovation Institute at

CLIENT: The Innovation Institute is a healthcare incubator and leading provider of medical device and healthcare innovation solutions.

Brighten the Theme

The original theme was based on blacks and hexagons. While stylistically interesting, it did make the content feel heavy and locked in. Using a white base and the blue from their existing logo, we developed a bright palette and an open layout to imbue the site with the same feeling of collaboration and creativity found in the offices and labs of The Innovation Institute.

Swipe left and right to see before and after


Content Curation

The Innovation Institute had a wealth of information on the site. But having accumulated it over time it was ready for some re-organization and revision. We collaborated with the Institute's team to restructure the site architecture and take an editorial pass to all the content with a special eye for SEO and a better user experience. 

A Must Meet Deadline

The Innovation Institute were Silver Sponsors and Honored Attendees at the 2017 CHA Assembly conference in New Orleans. Knowing that the event was going to draw much attention to their website, they had a specific date for which the new look and content needed to be ready. Because of the agile nature of our company and development team we were able to work within this timeline and have the project launched ahead of schedule, before the traffic spike.



As always we enjoy working with companies in our local community. The Innovation Institute are doing such great things and making cool advances in the medical and health fields in Orange County, California.

Working with the Institute was a pleasure. They are excellent collaborators, bringing great ideas to the table, but also willing to explore and iterate on new ideas. We are proud of what we produced together and enjoying continued collaboration as we work to set and achieve new goals for the site.

Ready To Get Started?

We look forward to hearing what challenges you are bringing to us.

joe randolph

We hired Pixel Jar to completely revamp our existing website and we could not be happier with the finished product. The first meeting with Pixel Jar we made them aware of a very aggressive timeline, they kept us on track and the project was completed on time. We had many changes in the process on our end, but the Pixel Jar team always made working and collaborating easy; from new needs popping up, to last minute changes, their overall approach was hard-working but always positive. The team also had the technical expertise to provide solutions that provided a solid foundation for our new site. In the end, they clearly understood and produced our vision. I could not be more pleased with the result of their efforts. I highly recommend them!

Joe Randolph

President and CEO at The Innovation Institute