Building Blocks of a Strong Brand Message

Building Blocks of a Strong Brand Message

We’ve all heard the saying “it isn’t just what you say, but also how you say it”. Today’s hyper-competitive business climate makes this more applicable than ever. Existing and potential customers are making decisions every day not just based on “what” but also “how” and “why.” As a result, it’s crucial that your brand messaging go above and beyond what you do. It has to detail more about your core beliefs and how you solve real needs. And with attention in short supply, it is imperative that the messaging provided on your website guide the visitor closer to your brand and what you offer, not push them away.

True, there will always be products that are commodities, but even companies dealing in commodities have evolved their messaging. T-shirts, toilet paper, razor blades…almost every brand has a story now. And that story helps those brands stand out in even the most crowded sectors.

Developing your brand messaging will bring with it the need for a strong declaration about what you do along with how and why you do it. Sharing this core with your potential customers and clients will help you stand out, particularly online. To create your own brand messaging it is important to understand what makes up successful messaging in the first place.

Components of a Strong Branding Message 

Consistency in your message is vital to your brand’s image. Your brand is more than simply visual, it is also verbal. This message is what will dictate your positioning within your industry while relaying your overall value to your target audience. Therefore, the message has to be clear, concise, and unchanging across all of your pages and/or websites.

Are you whimsical and fun? Are you stoic and sober? Does your brand operate best when things are cut and dry, or do your clients expect warmth and empathy in their interactions with you? What voice is comfortable to you and, more importantly, what voice resonates best with your target audience? Now let’s think about how to translate that to your website and digital strategy.

Picture your brand messaging as digital breadcrumbs that lead your targeted audience from Point A to Point B to Point C. They are provided additional branding “crumbs” at each stop along the way. To link the experience for your site visitors it is important that each message links to the next, providing a cohesive experience.

Breaking your message up into a three-tier system can be extremely beneficial to both sales and lead collection. But, keep in mind that the information at each level should build upon previous statements. You’re not simply repeating the same exact message in three different ways. You’re guiding the visitor through each tier, from the initial “hello” to a final “here’s exactly what you need.” 

The Positioning Statement

First, supplement your overall brand promise with a positioning statement, something that sets you apart from your competitors. You should attempt to set a lasting impression with your positioning statement. Craft it to be what comes to mind when they think about you. When focusing on positioning you should stay away from detailing your offers or describing how your operations work. You need to focus on the “why” of them doing business with you. A strong, professional positioning statement can say a whole lot about your business in just a few words. You should definitely choose those words carefully.

The idea is to provide them the message that sets you apart and what they can expect from doing business with you. A strong positioning statement will also help to provide a guiding light for you and your team in the future as your company brings new products or services to market.

The Value Proposition

The next stopping point should cover your value proposition. Describe the benefits your audience can expect from their experience with you. This is another area that requires a certain amount of finesse and expertise. You want to frame what you do in a way that actually means something to them. 

This isn’t the time for product descriptions or service details, the value proposition messaging should emphasize the results your audience can expect while staying away from those overused go-to words such as “solution,” “quality,” “service,” etc. A finely-crafted value proposition will utilize just a few words to paint your audience a clear picture of what doing business with you really means for them.

The Value Description

The final tier in this trilogy is your value description, which is essential to expand upon your value proposition. This further defines who your customers are and why they need what you’re providing. Once again, it takes a certain level of skill to craft the right message because it needs to be from your audience’s point of view. What they can really expect, not what you want them to feel or think about you.

Once you have your tiered messaging in place, a final best practice is to recap what you’ve said along the way and restate the brand message with professionally written proof points. What is the main message you want your visitors to remember and associate with your brand? Highlight that brand message with facts and follow it with the subsequent reasons why they should choose to do business with you.

While it is just one piece of your all-important sales funnel, your brand messaging is what will connect with your target audience and drive response.

Developing the Right Brand Messaging on Your Site

Building the online component of your business is much more than simply throwing together a website. It takes the right message to affirm that your site visitors are in the right place. Conversely, a disjointed or incongruous message will turn people off and leave them confused about what your business does.

Our experience working with brands like HealthLoop and the Dallas Mavericks has taught us that messaging isn’t just about technology. It is also about the heart of the business itself.  Whether that’s building your website and brand from the ground up, we can help define and enunciate the messaging necessary to drive your business to new heights.

Contact us directly to hear about our full range of services in design, development, consultation, and production disciplines.

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