Purposeful Partnering

Purposeful Partnering

Pixel Jar has been a partner with WP Engine since 2010. In that time we’ve grown to rely on their services more and more for our clients. Here are some of our favorites reasons why.

Why WP Engine Rocks

WP Engine provides service oriented, managed WordPress hosting, but it’s their focus on providing an amazing customer support experience that really sets them apart. With their experience in high performance hosting, they’ve grown to value collaboration with their agency partners. Teams like ours meet with their account management and technical staff on a regular basis. This ensures that we meet our customers needs through proactive planning and cooperation. As part of these planning sessions, we learn about new features and services being rolled out and how they will benefit our clients.

They are also proactive about monitoring their infrastructure during peak time and possible heavy server usage. We’ve been able to schedule monitoring periods for big launch events to make sure that they’re successful. Of course, you can’t plan for everything, so if something does sneak by, they have 24/7 support. It’s this commitment to service that’s won them the Gold International Business Award for Customer Service Department of the Year for 2016.

But There’s More

At it’s core, WP Engine is all about technology. From their multiple data centers and redundant servers to their monitored CDN and one-click staging sites, WP Engine has invested heavily in their infrastructure. This investment translates to some of the fastest page loads around and incredible scalability. If that weren’t enough, they also keep investing in next generation technology as well. They have developed the web’s first PHP7 Compatibility Checker and support for HTTP/2.

WP Engine is firmly engrained in the WordPress community. Consequently, you’ll often find their employees speaking at local meetups and they’re no stranger to sponsoring WordCamps. WP Engine constantly gives back to the WordPress community. We can’t think of a WordCamp that hasn’t had a speaker, sponsor, volunteer, or organizer that works at WP Engine. This commitment to the community is a big part of their success and having continued this commitment for so long garners a lot of our respect.

Quality We Trust

There are many hosts to choose from and the managed hosting space continues to grow every year. When we provide web consulting services for our clients, WP Engine is the host we trust to help us get it done right.

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Written by the Team at Pixel Jar

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