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How Do You Optimize Conversions?

how do you optimize conversions

For this post, we’re going to leverage a real-world example of how we optimize conversions. As you may know, along with the client work that makes up the core of Pixel Jar’s services, we also sell some premium WordPress plugins. Today we’re going to look at how we’ve focused on AdSanity conversions and what we’ve learned along the way.

Optimize Conversions with the Right Theme

The first step for us really focusing on the conversions for AdSanity was to redesign the website. We utilized a custom design for the new site with assistance from Nien Studios. We created a greatly improved user experience.

However, our changes didn’t stop with the appearance of the site. The new AdSanity theme was built with Beaver Builder so that we had an infrastructure that was a lot more adaptable to give us the flexibility to make changes.

Optimize Conversions by Understanding Users

Once we had the new site built we started to look at how our users were interacting with it. First, we installed Click Ranger Pro. We started tracking the clicks that were occurring on the site. Click Ranger Pro is our other premium plugin and we built it to track clicks on the items you care about most. We started to see the trends which informed some changes we should make to improve those outcomes.

Most recently, we added Hot Jar to the site. This service anonymously records user interactions with specific pages and provides videos of the interactions for review. This has provided us with insights that we couldn’t have noted in other ways. Things like, seeing how many users were clicking on text that wasn’t actually a link. Some of the feedback here was instantly correctable (like making that aforementioned text an active link). Both Hot Jar and Click Ranger Pro provided us details for the next step of conversion optimization.

Optimize Conversions with A/B Testing

Knowing where a conversion is failing and correcting it are two different things. With the data we collected, we knew we wanted to start making changes. But in a few areas, we wanted to make sure that the changes we thought would improve conversions, actually do. This is where A/B testing comes into the picture. There are several methodologies for putting A/B testing in place. Our current favorite tool is Google Optimize.

Google’s new tool allows for rapid creation of experiments (individual A/B test). You can also layer multiple tests at once and see individual performance feedback (multivariate testing). The Optimize tool links directly to your Google Analytics account. Since we were already leveraging analytics on the site this was a snap to set up and has provided rapid feedback on the changes we put in place. 

Continuous Optimization

Optimization is a lot like SEO in that it’s an ongoing process. You want to understand what your conversion rate looks like today, and then you want to start making changes that increase that rate. There is no magic number or percentage of conversions. Your goal should be to improve your conversion rate over time.

If you need help implementing any of the steps we took to optimize conversions let us know. We’re happy to walk through how your site could best leverage the tools to optimize your conversions.

Written by the Team at Pixel Jar

We hope you got something useful out of that post. If you'd like to read more we have an active blog with topics across the spectrum of website development. If you're researching information for a project we'd love to talk to you about it.

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