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We’ve known Blair Williams since 2009. Caseproof, Blair’s company, makes several of the best commercial plugins for WordPress. We’re proud users of Affiliate Royale (in fact, it powers our affiliate program for AdSanity), we’ve used MemberPress for several client solutions, and we leverage Pretty Links to create beautiful, short links. When Blair reached out to let us know that he was looking to refresh the look of his brand we were excited. When he followed up with the request for a new site design to go with it, we kicked into overdrive.

Addressing the Pretty Links Logo

We wouldn’t classify the project as a full rebranding. Pretty Links has a great reputation in the WordPress space. The product is simple to use and has an elegant design and implementation. What was really needed was a refresh of the visual language for the logo. We knew right away that we wanted to collaborate with our go-to designer Robert Nienhuis of Nien Studios. With Robert, we had some meetings with Blair to discuss the details of the design and what aspects he wanted to emphasize.

Our discussions were very productive. Blair had a good idea of what aspects he wanted to keep and where he wanted to make improvements. We also spoke about the design in the context of Blair’s other plugins. Robert asked constructive questions covering all of the details, typography, color, and logo usage. After two rounds of revisions, we had the logo dialed into the desired look.

The new logo has callbacks to the previous look for Pretty Links while modernizing and simplifying for a cleaner presentation. The presentation and typography gave us a great language for the next phase of the project.

An Informed Site Design

With the logo approved, we leveraged the choices made to inform the new website. The new site uses the color scheme and typography established by the new logo. We also continued to simplify throughout the theme development. We now have a more streamlined presentation that makes it easier for users to navigate. The responsive experience has been addressed in a more organic way.

In addition, we’ve created a structure for the site that will allow Blair’s team to expand in whatever direction Pretty Links needs. We’re excited to see how the site is going to expand and evolve.

Caseproof has more exciting changes underway, but we can’t discuss them with you yet. Be sure to keep your eye on them in the months to come.

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Written by the Team at Pixel Jar

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