Bringing Extra Value to Your Clients

Bringing extra value to your clients

Surely you’ve heard of the phrase, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” There are things to love and hate about this phrase, but one of its underlying meanings speaks to your ability to bring value. You might amend this phrase to say, “it’s not only what you know, but who you know.” At Pixel Jar, we strongly believe in investing in furthering our own skills so that we can provide best-of-class solutions to our clients. The problem with this mentality is that, while you sharpen a specific skill, you begin to reduce the breadth of your offering.

If you start to specialize in one area too much, you might just wedge yourself right out of a project because it requires skills outside of your expertise. In our industry there is a constant balance between being a generalist and being a specialist. It’s for this reason that it’s important to not only know your discipline, but to have trustworthy partners that can provide extra value when combining your services. It’s that type of relationship that we want to highlight today.

A Client With Needs

Before getting into specifics, here’s a bit of background. For those that have followed our work for awhile, you know that we’ve been working with the Dallas Mavericks for quite some time. In the professional sports industry there is currently a lot of focus on fan engagement and ticket sales both on-site and online. While the online experience hasn’t changed too much, the on-site experience is changing dramatically. Long gone are the days that you go to a game and sit in your seat for the entire game. Sports teams are noticing that consumers want to wander the facilities and mingle with other fans. They are just generally being more social. Stadiums are beginning to renovate their facilities to account for this, and are also trying to build new experiences that will bring fans to the stadium. One of those new experiences happens to be VR activations.

A Partner With Solutions

While we were at the Integrated Marketing Forum back in November, we met a company called Vertebrae. They showed us some of their technology in an activation they did for Blair Witch. Needless to say, we saw immediate application for the Mavs with regards to ticket sales.

The Monday after the conference we set up a meeting to bring Vertebrae and the Mavs together. What resulted from that partnership was a 360° video campaign that was launched to a variety of sports channels in the Dallas area through mobile apps, mobile web, and in-person activations. The aim of the campaign was to create pathways for ticket sales to a new fanbase that showcased the venue as if the user was standing in the arena. The result was promising increases in click through rates for these VR advertising experiences which inevitably leads to more ticket sales and revenue for the Dallas Mavericks.

We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve forged with companies, like Vertebrae, that excel at what they do. Collectively we can bring extra value to each of our clients than any of us can alone. So keep putting yourself in touch with other businesses and look for value beyond your specialty. You never know when your next recommendation will help lock in your perceived value with your clients. Web consulting goes beyond just what you know.

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