MemberPress Rebranding

Caseproof was looking to update and modernize the look and presence of their premium plugin MemberPress. This project included an identity phase as well as a site redesign and content restructuring. The ultimate goal was to increase customer sales of the plugin through a better user experience and more trust in the brand.



The rest of the project revolved around a new identity for the plugin. Nien Studios created an amazing mark for the client. It hit all the points the client had requested, works well in modern digital settings, and set the tone for the site design.

MemberPress logo on a mug

Project Gallery

Nien Studios developed a stunning set of templates that not only lent themselves to known content, but were also versatile enough to allow for new content that may come online after the project launched. All of the templates were develop with a mobile first model giving as much weight to phone and tablet users as desktop users.

Site Design

Using the new logo as the starting point, we set to collaborating with Nien Studios to develop a set of templates for the new website. 

Not only did we want to modernize the look of the site, but we wanted to capture the bright vibe of the Caseproof company culture. We also wanted to instill in each user that this plugin was cutting edge and trustworthy.

Viewing MemberPress homepage on a laptop increasing-sales-bar-graph

Increasing Sales

By giving the logo and the site a new and modern look, users will now comes to a site that says this product will help you succeed in your endeavor. Since the site has launch sales have steadily increased which pleased us as much as it did Caseproof.


We’ve known the folks over at Caseproof since 2009. So it was a real treat to actually get to collaborate with them on a proper project. Getting to build a new site right on the heels of a new identity provided a extra fun element to the standard site re-skin project. The client could not have been more satisfied with the result having seen the success metrics produce so quickly upon launch.

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