Lyric Fest

Lyricfest was gearing up for their new season of concerts and wanted to liven up their website. There were two goals with this redesign. First was to modernize the look of the website. The second goal was to interconnect the various data points to allow users to easily dive down the rabbit hole when spending time on the site. We also had the chance to collaborate with Rose DiSantos on the designs, which is always a treat for us.


A Modern Theme

Lyric Fest was ready to take the site’s look in a new direction. After having the site spend some time with a darker, full-style theme, they were looking to open up the space, let the content breath and go with a cleaner look. 

Swipe left and right to see before and after



After Before Interconnected Data

Interconnected Content

By connecting artists with concerts with seasons, users are able to bounce around the site from data point to data point uninterrupted, and without having to back out for any given page.

All Under One Roof

Lyric Fest was using some outside 3rd party services to manage the web needs. We were able to bring those services into the website so that the entire user experience is consistent throughout.

Web Usage


We are huge fans of the arts here at Pixel Jar. This was an exciting project to collaborate both with the awesome folks at Lyric Fest and DiSanto Design. We were glad we have the digital knowhow to deliver a successful solution for Lyric Fest.

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Tell Us About Your Project! joe randolph

We hired Pixel Jar to completely revamp our existing website and we could not be happier with the finished product. The first meeting with Pixel Jar we made them aware of a very aggressive timeline, they kept us on track and the project was completed on time. We had many changes in the process on our end, but the Pixel Jar team always made working and collaborating easy; from new needs popping up, to last minute changes, their overall approach was hard-working but always positive. The team also had the technical expertise to provide solutions that provided a solid foundation for our new site. In the end, they clearly understood and produced our vision. I could not be more pleased with the result of their efforts. I highly recommend them!

Joe Randolph

President and CEO at The Innovation Institute