Honestly, we’re just two guys and we’re having a good time™. We share common interests (burritos, surfing, and WordPress), locality (southern California) and previous employers (you know who you are…). We build web sites. If you want to know more, keep reading. If you want to hire us, get in touch.

Historically Speaking

We’ve been in business for ourselves since 2004, though we’ve worked together since the dawn of the millennium. Pixel Jar grew out of the desire to be free to choose the projects we worked on and have a flexible schedule to accommodate our surfing habits.

Our Ideal Client

At Pixel Jar, we love WordPress. Though we’re just a small shop of two developers, we service clients all over the world and in all different walks of life. We see our small size as an advantage because it gives us a lot of agility in the marketplace. It allows us to offer competitive rates for first-time bloggers who just want a bit of customization to a theme they bought online as well as a bit of coaching. We’re also able to quickly deliver self managed web sites for local businesses who want to gain exposure and legitimacy by having a solid online presence. But, we don’t shy away from large projects just because we’re small. In the past, we’ve launched large-scale BuddyPress powered social networks, and WordPress multi-site networks.

Strategic Partnerships

Our business has evolved over the years, and one thing we’ve come to realize is that we can’t give everything to everyone at the pace that we take in business. In the past, we’ve had to turn clients away because we’re simply too busy to handle their requests. In 2010, we’ve decided to stick to what we’re great at, coding.

Brilliant Graphic Design with Robert NienhuisDesign

We met Robert Nienhuis of Nien Studios while working with one of our advertising agency clients. Having worked with him on several of our own projects now, we decided to put our Wacom down and hand over the design keys to him. He’s a versatile designer who is able to capture the mood of any web site.

Excellent Content Strategy with Keri MaijalaContent Development

We’ve known and worked with Keri Maijala of Hello Content for about ten years, and there’s no one we’d rather work with when it comes to content strategy than her. She has a way with words that few others possess.