HealthLoop Redesign wasn't delivering the experience the company wanted. So a modern redesign was in order with a focus on key goals and UX. This redesign centered around an improved user experience on the front end and a more intuitive editing process for administrators, editors, and authors of the site on the back end. We were happy to deliver on all fronts.


DATE: Completed in March 2018 in conjunction with the release of a revised phone app and a trade show being attended by HealthLoop.

ROLE: With Nien Studios, we were responsible for analyzing data, strategizing on architecture, designing the templates, developing the theme, and organizing the reusable modules.

URL: You can see the final version of the HealthLoop website at

CLIENT: HealthLoop is a service that enables care teams to engage all patients before and after admission through automated, daily check-ins.


Goal Oriented

One of the initial issues with the previous site that Healthloop raised was that the CTAs no longer reflected their company's needs. When we created the new design, the new goals were at the forefront of the UI. We also set up Google Analytics to help track those goals so that HealthLoop could make more informed decisions on how to improve the user experience surrounding those goals.

Project Gallery

Once again we collaborated with Robert Nienhuis of Nien Studios for the design of this website. In addition to modernizing HealthLoop's online look part of the design mandate was to develop a set of reusable modules so that admins could build additional pages quickly and easily, but stay within the design guidelines.


Easy Content Creation

One specific request from HealthLoop was the ability for admins to be able to create new content easily after the site was complete. For this we used the Beaver Builder page builder plugin which allows for admins to visually create page content intuitively. Next we created a set of universal content modules for the Beaver Builder framework that could be used throughout the site in any order.

Hubspot Integration

For this project HealthLoop wanted to integrate with Hubspot's CRM to improve their client response cycles. We integrated Hubspot via the blog as well as with all of the form collection on the website. So now any lead and client information collected on the website is seamlessly integrated into their Hubspot account. We often say, if a service has an API, we can integrate it.


Bubbling Up the Good Content

Another issue HealthLoop raised was that they had great content on their site, but felt that it was buried and hard for users to find. We collaborated with the team at HealthLoop to re-imagine their site structure so that users could easily find and access the content they were looking for.


Working with the team at HealthLoop was awesome. And having a project that lent itself so well to the Beaver Builder framework was also a treat. We like to empower our clients to have control over the content of their sites. And using WordPress with Beaver Builder is really taking that to new heights. We are proud of what we developed together and confident that this site will help HealthLoop reach the next level.


Ready To Get Started?

We look forward to hearing what challenges you are bringing to us.

matt coats

Having received several quotes and pitches from other website developers, we were struck by the professionalism, vision, and honesty of Jeff, Dave and the team at Pixel Jar. We received everything we were supposed to receive when we were supposed to receive it, including some polite nudging periodically when we were late in providing the content.


They ensured that we were satisfied with the layout and function of the demo site and managed a smooth rollout of the finished product. We couldn't be happier and have enjoyed more activity on our site than we had been getting previously and are starting to turn some of those hits into dollars.


We look forward to the next stage of our website's development with Pixel Jar!

Matt Coats

Surety Bond Specialist at Coats Surety