Introducing Click Ranger Pro – Easily Track Conversions By Setting Up Google Events


Just having a website isn’t enough anymore. To get the most from it, you have to treat it like a marketing tool. That means knowing how users interact with the site and tracking conversions and goals.

Starting with Analytics

The first step to that is always making sure you have Google Analytics connected to your site. With a WordPress site that means either dropping the Javascript code in directly or using a plugin like Monster Insights. But with basic Google Analytics you are only seeing basic statistical information. With Click Ranger Pro an intuitive, front-end interface will let you select any page element to track.

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Tracking Events to Conversions

Let’s take an example of a landing page. With a typical landing page, there can be several buttons and links that take the user to a sale or a form submission. Having these kinds of goals are important. But adding the nuance of which buttons and links were most effective adds a powerful layer of insight. Armed with that kind of data, you can improve lower-performing calls-to-action (CTAs) so they perform better. Better CTA performance means better conversions. And better conversions mean better business.

Making Tracking Easy

The problem with tracking Google Events is that it take a bit of JavaScript know-how. And if JavaScript isn’t in your toolbox, taking time to learn takes time away from your business. So we created Click Ranger Pro to help non-developers jump that hurdle. Click Ranger Pro sets up all the JavaScript for you. All you have to do is indicate what page elements you’d like to track. It really is as simple as pointing-and-clicking. And you can categorize and label your user events to keep them organized. All data is tracked through Google Analytics, so your site’s database is not getting clogged with data. And when you are in Google Analytics you can click through your events to see your stats.

Watch this video below showing how to set up an event using the Click Ranger Pro plugin.

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