Google Analytics Click Tracking for WordPress

We’re excited to announce the release of Click Ranger Pro. This innovative new plugin makes it easy to add Google Analytics click tracking events to your WordPress website. We started developing Click Ranger Pro when we had a confluence of events…

The Trail to Click Ranger Pro

First, we had a client who asked us to set up several Google Analytics click tracking events for their WordPress website. After adding these events through the typical workflow, we internally discussed how a plugin solution would make the creation of these events a much more streamlined process. WordPress, being infinitely extensible – a reason why we use it for website development – would allow us to create this front-end plugin solution, but we weren’t able to dedicate the resources for it … yet.

Our next marker happened when we were developing an Add-On for our other plugin product, AdSanity. The new Add-On was focused on offloading the AdSanity ad tracking component to utilize Google Analytics event tracking. The Google Analytics Tracking Integration Add-On answered a lot of development questions we had regarding tying into Google’s event tracking and making this accessible for the average WordPress user.

The final sign came out of a marketing conversation we had with Scott Bolinger. You may know Scott as the driving force behind AppPresser and Holler Box. Scott is a good friend and a skilled developer who was gracious enough to spend some time talking about plugin development and marketing with us. When we mentioned the idea behind Click Ranger Pro, he gave us some great feedback.

With all of these pieces put together Click Ranger Pro was our logical destination.

The Forest for the Trees

Click Ranger Pro is designed to bring you all of the granular feedback you need on clicks happening on your site. With these insights you can start to A/B test changes to those links designed to improve user interactions. Then you can get feedback on how those changes are affecting your click rates.

Understanding how may people are clicking on each individual button or link is a great starting point for understanding customer interactions. However, without the larger context of what those clicks are doing for your entire site, you may be missing the bigger picture. These little interactions should all be driven to achieve the overall goal of your page or website.

Click Ranger Pro enables you to see each tree and the whole forest.

Written by the Team at Pixel Jar

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