JWC Environmental Redesign

We've worked with JWC Environmental since 2012 and seen many transformations in their web presence. With this project, we went for a full top to bottom redesign. This meant a deep dive into site structure, content review, analytics evaluation, reviewing and revising goals, and modernizing the interface. The international company had also recently acquired new business that needed to be incorporated into their online presence. This meant we'd also be taking on the challenges of WordPress Multisite and language translations.


DATE: Completed in July 2016 with additional iterations and additions to the present.

ROLE: With Nien Studios, we were responsible for analyzing data, strategizing on architecture, designing the templates, and developing the theme.

URL: See the parent site at jwce.com with sister site at jwcla.com.

CLIENT: JWC Environment are international leaders in designing, building, and servicing waste shredders and screening systems.



JWC Environmental is an international company. Users are accessing their site from points all over the world. One request for the new site was to make it intelligent enough to detect where a user is located and offer up the correct regional version of the site.

Using WP Engine's GeoIP technology we were able to accomplish just that.

This also meant displaying dynamic content based on the user's region.

Project Gallery

Once again we tapped, Robert Nienhuis of Nien Studios for the design element of this project. The main goal of the new design was to give the company a modern look and improve responsive usability for tablet and mobile users.



Having adapted the previous site to the company's needs over the course of several years and acquiring new companies along the way, information was in many locations on many sites. Another mandate for this project was to bring all the websites into one, manageable area. With WordPress multisite, we were able to pull all the sites under one administration dashboard.

And in the consolidation process were were able to cut out many redundant plugins and snippets of functionality resulting in a more maintainable codebase.

Third Party Integrations

Like any major corporation, marketing and sales does not end with the website. We worked directly with required 3rd party services to integrate their form management and Customer Relationship Management tools creating an optimized workflow to track the conversion from a new lead into a sale.


Increasing Conversions Over Time

Once the initial project was complete we embarked on a follow up phase with the goal to increase conversions on the site's forms. To do so, we took slow, measured steps to test new ideas to engage users. After each test, we'd meet to discuss what worked, what didn't, and plan the next step with the JWC team. We often say that launching a website is just the first step on a longer journey.

The Chinese Market

Since JWC Environmental served Chinese customers through their headquarters in China, it made sense to present language and cultural specific content to those customers. There were unique challenges with hosting and regional technology requirements that we we had to work through. Since we were already working on Internationalization we only needed to take that one step further. But this also meant integrating with Baidu and adhering to the Chinese Internet which has differences from Western Internet, which we were able to accomplish.



Collaborating with JWC Environmental has been very rewarding. They have great ideas they want to explore with the site and we enjoy the challenges they bring our way. We also appreciate that they see the site as an ever-evolving marketing tool. Technology is always changing, and having a mindset of evolution will keep their site on the forefront.

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Working with Pixel Jar has been a wonderful experience! Their communication skills & commitment to each project is top-notch. Most importantly they make deadlines a priority and truly become an extension of your team. They commit to the success of your website beyond launch and fulfill each of their tasks with the highest of integrity. They bring much more than web development to the table, they are now integral in the decision making of how we present ourselves to the online world. Thanks for the years of dedicated service!

Perla Lozano

Sr. Marketing Coordinator JWC Environmental, LLC