Dallas Wings Transition Website

The Tulsa Shock were becoming the Dallas Wings and the owners wanted Dallas to know! They sought out the team that has been developing and maintaining the Dallas Mavericks website since 2012 to help them develop a transitional website. The goal was to build a site designed to keep users updated on news, engage fans, and rebrand the team until their new official site was available for regular use on the WNBA team platform.


DATE: Completed in October 2015 just as the off season was beginning to maximize between-season exposure.

ROLE: With Nien Studios, we were responsible strategizing on architecture, brainstorming engagement activities, designing and developing the theme, and maintaining the site.

URL: Since the site was build specifically as a stop-gap tactic to transfer the Wings on to the WNBA platform, this site no longer exists.

CLIENT: The Dallas Wings are a professional basketball team based in Arlington, Texas who play in the Western Conference of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA).


A Beautiful Starting Point

The Dallas Wings organization smartly engaged Ben Barnes and RARE Design to design the new logo for the team. What they developed was bold, gorgeous, and provided us with an excellent spring board to develop the transitional site.

Developing the Theme

Running with the color palette and design aesthetic established by the new logo, we set out to build a transitional website that would help the Tulsa Shock become the Dallas Wings. We used a mobile-first approach to the design to discern the most important content elements and built upwards from there.

Calendar on Isolated White Background

A Limited Lifespan

Because this was specifically a transitional site, we new the lifespan of the site was only going to be a matter of months while the WNBA was between seasons. So the design and development challenge became creating something easily manageable and quick to develop.  And what we created had to be just as stunning as what we'd created for the Dallas Mavericks.

User Engagement

One request from The Wings was developing a strategy to bring users back to the site on a regular basis. Getting information out was key to their transition, so they needed to convince users to return to the site and visit regularly. We collaborated with their marketing team to develop and roll out a series of time-released content, teasers, countdowns, user polls, online forms, and more to keep readers engaged and returning to the site.



Having the opportunity to work downstream from Ben Barnes, who has done such amazing work with the Utah Jazz and Real Salt Lake, was a rare treat. We also enjoyed the unique knowledge of how short the life of the site would be - it provided a unique perspective to design and development. We were stoked to help get the team (digitally) from Tulsa to Dallas. Go Wings!

Ready To Get Started?

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Arya Ahmadi

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