How to Perform a Website Audit

The strength of your business is determined by the strength of your website. At Pixel Jar, we’ve spent almost two decades building and optimizing high-performant WordPress websites.

But before you can improve your website, you need to know what’s wrong. This audit guide is based on our real in-house practices and covers everything you need to know to get the full picture of your website’s health.

Download the whitepaper to:

  • Discover the current state of your Integrations and Infrastructure.
  • Identify what’s working (or not) with your website’s User Experience, SEO, and Security.
  • Understand what’s actually involved in a professional-standard website audit.
  • Take your website’s performance into your own hands (recommended for developers).

In each area, we identify the serious issues and recommended actions that are necessary to improve your website and delight your target audience.

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