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(Widget) Geocache Stat Bar

For all 5 of you who are both into Geocaching and into WordPress, we’ve built a simple little widget so you can display you Geocache Stat Bar as a widget in your WordPress theme’s sidebar!

So far this is only a 0.9 version release as there are still some features we’d like to add in before we call it final.  But there’s no reason not to use it now.  All you have to do is download the widget, install it in your plug-ins folder, add it to your side bar and edit the preferences.  Enter you username, GUID, select image and enter your message.

To obtain your GUID, log in to you Geocache account, go to “My Account,” then click “View My Stat Bar” (near the bottom on the right side under “Account Options”).  You’ll see some generated code in the text area there that looks something like this

Profile for lordleiter

What you want to copy (and paste) is everything after “guid=” and before the last quote in line 1, like so – guid=db5629ca-06d2-4f95-8c72-bdb425934722” We know this is a bit archaic right now and is one of the things we hope to remedy before version 1.

Also, the Geocache Stat Bar comes 200 pixels wide, so be sure you sidebar area is set up to handle the width.


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  1. Nikki says:

    Haha…make that 6. I was linking over from wp plugin – conversations – but got the page not found, and saw this one. I love geocaching, so will come back to this one!

  2. Rzr says:

    Hi thanks for the great plugin! is there a chance to add this a few times into the widget-bar? Because we have a dew geocaching users on the page.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Jeff says:

    We hope so. When last we looked into the Geocaching API it was not too friendly to making this a widget. But we’ll keep checking back and send a request to the site developers to see if we can’t improve this plugin with widget attribute.

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