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Liveblogging with WordPress for iPhone beta

About a month or so ago, I signed up for the beta test for the new WordPress for iPhone app. To my surprise, I was accepted into the program and have been trying it out as much as possible. The first beta app was really buggy, but I think that’s a good thing. It means that they’ve changed enough of the codebase to break stuff. Unfortunately it was so buggy that I could never really get a post up. I’m now trying out the next version and it is so much more stable (so far).

The new interface is a breath of fresh air. It feels much more polished than the version that you’re probably using. Unfortunately there’s still no way to put images in the middle of the post yet (except to move the code in the post). When you attach an image it gets pushed right to the bottom of the post.

Here’s some screen shots of the new interface.


If you’re using the WordPress for iPhone app now, you’re going to love the new version. It still has a lot of room for improvement, but I can assure you that the developers are hard at work building you something awesome.

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