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Does Your Website Need a Tune Up?

Run Multi-Point Inspection Now

Tell us which site to review and where to send the report. Once you opt in to our newsletter you'll receive your report as the specified email address and follow up emails. You can unsubscribe anytime.

  • Note: Your email will be added to our CRM and used to send emails from Pixel Jar. You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time. In addition, we will scan the provided URL to check the site for optimizations and improvements. We will send a PDF of the scan report to the email address provided.

The Multi-Point Inspection

Maintaining a website is just like maintaining a car - regular check-ups are crucial to optimum performance. Our report will identify areas of your site that can be improved, helping you to address your site’s performance for these four points.

We'll send you your report via email as soon as the inspection is complete.

  • Speed

    A fast site is a better performing site, both for your users and for the search engines.

  • Optimizations

    Changes that could be made to improve the visibility and performance of the site.

  • Security

    Things that should be corrected to make sure the website is locked down and safer from being hacked.

Pixel Jar - Your Website Pit Crew

We’re Pixel Jar and we’ve been making websites purr like kittens for over 13 years. We’re a small but efficient team. We’re able to handle self-managed websites for local businesses who want to gain exposure and legitimacy by developing an online presence that represents their brand while simultaneously handling large projects involving complex third-party integrations, large-scale multi-sites, and demanding media needs.

arya ahmadi

Back in 2013, we partnered with the talented team at Pixel Jar to make the first fully-responsive team website across the NBA. Brandon, Jeff and Robert having been keeping us in front of the cutting edge ever since.

Arya Ahmadi

Managing Editor at Dallas Mavericks
tana parrott

Pixel Jar is dedicated, committed, super reliable and their communication is top notch. We always felt that they had our back and could handle anything that came their way.

Tana Parrott

VP of Business Operations at Marie Forleo International

Run the Multi-Point Inspection for Your Site

Generate your free report today and see what your site is doing under the hood. The first step for an major service is to gather information. Now you can.



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