We work with and benefit so much from free and open source software like WordPress, that we feel it is our responsibility to the community to give back the knowledge that we have learned. We hope that you find the following videos informative and inspiring. If you learn something, pay it forward.

security at scale

Security at Scale

November 1, 2016

We recently had a chance to sit down with Tony Perez, the CEO for Sucuri. Sucuri is one of our go-to partners in assisting with our client’s security needs. Pixel Jar: For readers who aren’t familiar with Sucuri, tell us a little bit about how you got started in the security space. Tony: No problem. … Read more

Multi-language Websites

April 12, 2016

We get occasional requests from clients to create multi-language websites or to adapt existing content into additional languages. We love the idea of sharing content across the world, and of opening new markets for our ecommerce clients. But there is a fair amount of planning to make this work well. The translation itself needs to … Read more

Jeff Presents at WordCamp LAX 2015

September 25, 2015

This summer Jeff was selected to speak at WordCamp LAX, a WordCamp we love attending every year. His topic covered productivity tips he uses when developing websites. The idea being that time is money, so do not waste it on repetitive or mundane tasks that can be automated or sped up. You can watch his … Read more

WordCamp DFW 2014: Development Environments in Distributed Teams Using Vagrant

October 28, 2014

In this lightning talk, Brandon Dove walks through the vagrant provisioning process, 3rd party services, and home grown tools that are successful with enterprise clients.

Orange County WordPress Meetup: Gulp

April 2, 2014

Brandon Dove demos Gulp a Javascript task runner similar to Grunt but made for speed at the Orange County WordPress Meetup.

WordCamp Las Vegas 2013: Weaving Javascript in and out of WordPress

March 30, 2014

Weaving JavaScript into WordPress covers the basic functions and hooks, and good practices for including JavaScript into themes and plugins.

WordCamp Phoenix 2013: Backup & Security Lite

February 6, 2013

Jeff Zinn talks about Security & Backups for novices at WordCamp Phoenix 2013

WordCamp Las Vegas 2012: Newbies – You Are Not Alone

January 8, 2013

Brandon speaks at WordCamp Las Vegas 2012 assuring WordPress noobs that they are not alone.

WordCamp San Diego 2012: Playing Hooky with Actions and Filters

October 26, 2012

Jeff discusses how to use Actions and Filters (Hooks) with your WordPress themes and Plugins at WordCamp San Diego 2012.

WordCamp San Diego 2012: Premium Plugins & Adhering To The GPL

October 12, 2012

Brandon presents at WordCamp San Diego 2012 on Premium Plugins & Adhering To The GPL.

WordCamp Los Angeles 2010: The Pluggable Plugin

December 3, 2010

Brandon presents the pluggable plugin platform at WordCamp Los Angeles 2010.

WordCamp Las Vegas 2010: Child Themes vs. Theme Frameworks

October 23, 2010

Brandon speaks at WordCamp Las Vegas 2010 discussing the pros and cons of using child themes versus using theme frameworks.