Click Ranger Pro - Easy Google Event Tracking for WordPress

WordPress site owners are becoming savvy about including Google Analytics on their sites. Pixel Jar developed a WordPress plugin called Click Ranger Pro that helps take that to the next level by making it easy to track a Google Event on your WordPress website.

Leveling Up on User Tracking

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress websites is become as common as activating Akismet to block spam comments. But adding Analytics to a site only gives part of the picture to how users are interacting with your website. Knowing that a user found a Landing Page is helpful. But if there are several Calls-To-Action on that Landing Page, how do you know which CTAs are making that coveted conversion?

Learn more about Click Ranger ProThis is where tracking Google Events within Analytics helps make that picture more clear. Events allow the webmaster to track specific clicks, downloads, and other user events on a website. But to implement Google Events used to require having some familiarity with JavaScript. One of the greatest strengths of WordPress is that it allows non-technical folks to create powerful websites. So for many site owners who want to track Google Events, this coding element is a stumbling block.

Click Ranger Pro to the Rescue

Click Ranger Pro is designed to ease that burden for site owners - no JavaScript knowledge necessary. Once the plugin is installed, there is an intuitive, front-end interface that will allow you to select any element on your site and start tracking it as an event. You can also select whether these elements should track universally throughout the site, or just on one specific page. All your Google Event statistics will be tracked in Google Analytics. See how easy it is to create Google Events to track in the video below.