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Speed Up WordPress by Deactivating Unused Plugins

Here’s another easy tip to help speed up the load time of your WordPress website.  Deactivate any unused plugins.  Simple, right? This may seem like a “no duh!” tip for WordPress users, but we can all be guilty of missing the obvious and/or being lazy. If you are diligent about keeping your plugins tidy, good for you.  If not, read on.

A site’s load time is based on a browser loading up every javascript, every image, every css file, etc., so cut out anything you are not using.  Don’t ask the browser to upload files you aren’t even using.  More importantly, don’t ask your readers to wait any longer than they have to.

One of the greatest things about WordPress is the expandability and availability of its plugins.  But sometimes we fall into a pattern of clutter due to their ease of use.  We need a plugin to do X, Y and Z, so we download 6 or 7 different plugins to see what works best.  But after finding that Holy Grail plugin, we sometimes forget to deactivate the other plugins we tried and decided not to use.  This results in 6 or 7 sets of files are being loaded into the browser, when there is only one plugin that we are really interested in.  Go through your plugins, deactivate anything you are not using.

You can even take this a step further.  When you are going through the plugins, take a moment and consider the value each plugin is adding to your site.  Sometimes we keep plugins because we like the idea of them, but don’t really harness their use.  And sometimes we have plugins that we use frequently, but don’t really add anything to the site or user experience – deactivate it.

WP will be happier and your end user will appreciate it too.

Happy Deactivating!

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