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(PLUGIN) Conversation Manager

Plugin-IconIt has been said that the majority of readers don’t comment on blog posts because they don’t feel like they have anything specific to add to a conversation.

This plugin allows you to prompt your readers to comment by asking them to answer a question specific to that post. A simple box with text that you define when writing your post is added above the comment form. The box can be styled to match your site by adjusting some predefined options. Read more

Skype Headset Giveaway

MySpace IM and Skype HeadsetAt our recent trip to WordCamp San Francisco, we talked with lots of vendors, potential partners and Matt Mullenweg himself.

One of the interesting vendors we talked with was MySpace. It turns out that they’ve got  new WordPress plugin and (like all other social networks) an API for connecting their platform with other platforms. We have one client in particular (Taro Gold – WordPress & MySpace) that uses MySpace as a means to get their books and music some publicity.

Currently the MySpace plugin allows “bloggers and commenters the ability to log in using their MySpace credentials rather than having to set up and remember yet another username and password.” This feature seems kind of trivial, but after talking with the representative, he revealed that they’re working on adding some other features that seem like they might be worth it, such as the ability to cross post between WordPress and MySpace.

While I’m personally not a huge fan of MySpace due to it’s lack of design standards, but I do see the benefit of using it for traffic generation. This is a huge step forward, and for that I commend them.

So what does this have to do with a Skype Headset, and why are we giving it away? Skype has also aparently partnered with MySpace  so that now you can use Skype to make phone calls with your MySpace IM account. MySpace is trying to promote the partnership, so they were giving away Free Skype headsets with 30 minutes of talk time. We picked it up, and while we use skype daily, we thought it would be in the good spirit of WordPress to give back to our community.

So, leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d do with 30 minutes of Skype talk time. We’ll choose a random comment on Friday, June 19th and announce the winner the following Monday.

Speed Up and Back Up Your WordPress Site

Two of the biggest problems you can have with any website is a slow site or a lost site (due to hacking or accidental deleting…). Luckily both of these issues can be solved with one great plug-in. WP-DBManager by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan will both back up your site’s database (and email it to you) and optimize all database tables to ensure fast database performance.  Best of all, you can set up the plug-in so these actions are performed automatically and on a regular basis. Read more

(Plugin) SpamShiv Lite

It’s now official. Our “Lite” version of the SpamShiv plugin is now hosted by the WordPress plugin directory. If you’re coming here to find out more about the plugin, take a minute to sign up for our mailing list. In exchange for your trust in us, we’ll give you your very own copy of our full featured paid plugin for FREE! Just fill out the form on the top right of this page. Check back with us soon. We have a couple more plugins and widgets currently in development that we think you’re going to love.

(PLUGIN) Spam Protection by SpamShiv

As promised, version 1.0 of our SpamShiv plugin is ready for release today. The plugin processes the entire output of your WordPress page, not just posts. This is beneficial if you want to use a template that puts your email in the footer or if you use a custom template for a contact us page. You can feel good knowing that Spam originating from your website is a thing of the past. Note: version 1.0 has only the simplest of our suggested methods for hiding emails from evildoers. Future versions will have an administration screen where you can choose which method you’d like to use and will be available for 99¢.