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Who Else Wants Their WordPress Website to be Seen?

Do you think you’ve done all that you can do to get your WordPress website noticed, yet aren’t seeing the results you want? So many times, we’ve seen our customers set up WordPress for themselves and miss myriad opportunities to get their website noticed by search engines and potential customers. We have come to realize that there is no easy-to-find, easy-to-follow, complete resource that can give people the information they need to get their site in front of the people they want to reach. Well we say, “no more!” We’ve been busy working on a series of screencasts for our readers that is going to end this drought of knowledge. Read more

(Plugin) SpamShiv Lite

It’s now official. Our “Lite” version of the SpamShiv plugin is now hosted by the WordPress plugin directory. If you’re coming here to find out more about the plugin, take a minute to sign up for our mailing list. In exchange for your trust in us, we’ll give you your very own copy of our full featured paid plugin for FREE! Just fill out the form on the top right of this page. Check back with us soon. We have a couple more plugins and widgets currently in development that we think you’re going to love.

(PLUGIN) Spam Protection by SpamShiv

As promised, version 1.0 of our SpamShiv plugin is ready for release today. The plugin processes the entire output of your WordPress page, not just posts. This is beneficial if you want to use a template that puts your email in the footer or if you use a custom template for a contact us page. You can feel good knowing that Spam originating from your website is a thing of the past. Note: version 1.0 has only the simplest of our suggested methods for hiding emails from evildoers. Future versions will have an administration screen where you can choose which method you’d like to use and will be available for 99¢.