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Forthcoming update to the Favicon Generator WordPress Plugin

A few days ago we released our second plugin to the WordPress community. Thank you for all of your feedback thus far. One comment that we’ve been getting is the “Fatal Error” upon activating the plugin. Currently, the class we are using for resizing images down to favicon size was written for PHP 5. We are working on a new release that will work with PHP 4 & 5. We’re just doing some testing on the implementation on different versions of WordPress and will likely release the update over the weekend. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. We’re pleased to see that 243 WordPress users have downloaded the plugin so far, and we hope to continue gaining steam as time goes on.

WordPress 2.6.3 ships with a broken jQuery?

We’ve been adding a custom panel for the write post page for one of our clients and having the hardest time diagnosing the errors that we’ve been getting. It turns out that using the built-in jQuery library that ships with WordPress was the problem. We ended up having to download the library from the jQuery site and use some WordPress magic to make it use our library instead. Below is the code to use your own jQuery file. Put it in your theme’s functions.php (<your-blog-url>/wp-content/themes/<your-theme-name>/functions.php) page.

add_action("init", "install_jquery_scripts");
function install_jquery_scripts() {
	wp_register_script("jquery", "/path/to/your/jquery-1.2.6.min.js", array(), "1.2.6");

We had this issue with WordPress version 2.6.3 and just about any plugin we tried to run utilizing jQuery 1.2.6.