From March 2009

4 Simple Ways To Kill SPAM From Your WordPress Site

With over 1.6 million blog posts and 175,000 new blogs going live every day covering every possible topic, it’s no wonder that this is the front lines in the battle against SPAM. It’s so easy to stop SPAM dead in it’s tracks, yet so many people don’t take ten minutes to do simple things that can practically eliminate SPAM. Here are four simple ways to help you drastically reduce SPAM originating from your WordPress blog. Read more

New Feature: Subscribe to Comments

You guys have been doing a great job letting us know what is and isn’t working about our plugins and code snippits, so we thought we’d help you out by making it easier to follow up with your comments. We’ve added the ability for you to subscribe to replies to your comments. We try to take time to respond to everyone’s questions, but we understand that it’s hard to remember to come back and check for responses. This will hopefully help you get responses to your questions much quicker. Keep letting us know what you think, and we’ll keep trying to make this site better for all of you.